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Who:  Laguna, and hopefully Norman <3
When: Morning
Where: their cell
What: meeting the father of the ex.
Rating: pending

Squall-the-older v 1.00 )
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Who: Norman, OPEN
What: after spending some time in solitary don't ask how he got there Norman returns to the UGH
Where: outside solitary
When: ehh whatever
Rating: TBA

He was finally out now )
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Who: Squall & Norman
When: Evening
Where: The Cells
What: Drawing as usual
Rating: PG-13

Squall sat at the desk, sketchbook open in front of him )
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Who: Balthier and Norman
Where: Barber shop
When: Just after lunch
What: Um...barber shop stuff. Like haircuts...
Rating: PG for language

Anyone home? )


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Who: Norman and... open.
What: doing business. And by business I mean cutting hair :x basically the mun trying to get Normy out there
Where: barbershop~
When: ...daytime?
Warnings: PG to start off

Normy has a real job, srsly )
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Who: Squall, Norman
When: After Squall and Balthier's run-in in the library (which I'll post when finished >.> )
Where: Their Cell
What: Talking
Rating: PG-13

Squall sat at the desk in the cell he shared with Norman )
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Who: Squall, Norman
When: Afternoon
Where: Barber shop
What: Squall is stalking Norman
Rating: TBA

a bunch of puppies following their master )
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WHO: Norman and Sword's guys
WHAT: Sword keeps his promise
WHERE: Library? Since that seems to be where Norman does business.
WHEN: A day after Sword tries to smex Norman
RATING: if things well NC-17?

Sword warned ya... )
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Who: Norman, some random NPC guy briefly, and Sword!
When: after some "business"
Where: library ;)
Warning: PG-13 I guess?

Best in the business )
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Who: Sen, Norman
When: Mid-afternoon
Where: His cell
What: Sen tries to recover
Rating: TBA

He'd fallen asleep within minutes )
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Who: Norman, Sen, & Sam
What: Advertising
Where: general barbershop area
When: afternoonish
Rating: NC-17 *is amused*

The best barber in the UGH had to maintain his reputation somehow. And not just by providing the inmates with stylish haircuts and the occasional shave. He had to be inventive, to find something else for them to do. So that maybe their lives in jail wouldn't be quite so boring.

When Norman opened up the barbershop that day, he didn't look quite like himself. His blonde hair was gone, to be replaced by pure black. It was a new look for him and by standing outside the barbershop he was hoping some others would notice and want new looks for themselves. And if they didn't... Norman looked damn good.


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