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Who: Sen, Lawr, Sword and Mutou
When: Afternoon
Where: Mutou’s Office
What: After the fight
Rating: PG-13

What the -hell- is going on here? )
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Who: David; Kain; and Mutou
What: Finishing The Deal
Where: Kain's Apartment
When: After the thing with sword and mutou?
Warnings: Threeway Man smex and tequila?

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WHO: Sword, Mutou
WHAT: Smexing >_<
WHERE: Mutou's office
WHEN: After Blue strikes the deal with Mutou
RATING: NC-17 of course! <3

I though I had posted this already, but I guess not. Ooops.... )
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..Who.. : Leon and Mutou
..What.. : Going for Drinks and Corruption
..Where.. : Staff Room ; Bar . Mutou's house
..When.. : Afternoon into Evening
..Warnings.. : 100% Pure Grade A Smut Ahead. XXX

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Who -- Mutou and Leon
What -- Meeting and ... Discomfort?
Where --- Warden's Office
When --- Morning
Warnings --- Some nudity and sexual innuendo. Pretty basic stuff round here.

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Who: Sen, Mutou
When: Afternoon work period
Where: Mutou's Office
What: Sen delivers the barber shop order form to Mutou
Rating: PG

How does it feel, Sen... )
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Who:  Chaos, Travis Mutou
When:  Afternoonish
Where:  Warden's Office
What:  Minor scolding turning to other things
Rating:  NC-17 (As often with the Warden, kinkiness ensues...)

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Who: Travis Mutou, Muraki Kazutaka, random boy
When: Before Mutou gets his groove back - middle of the day
Where: From the office to a club
What: Muraki's decided to 'Help' Mutou with his Sen depression and other 'issues'
Rating: NC-17 (Warnings: Paddles, threesomes (yum), and other (minor) kink)

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WHO: Kain, Michael, Mutou
WHEN: After Michael gets in a fight with Muraki
WHERE: Mutou's office
WHAT: Discussing Michael's behavour.

Who'd you attack this time... )
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WHO: Kain, Mutou
WHAT: Talking
WHERE: Mutou's office
WHEN: afternoon?

Will you stay mended... )
[identity profile] lonely-rebel.livejournal.com
WHO: Michael, Mutou
WHAT: Getting trouble
WHERE: Mutou's office
WHEN: After Mika's taken to the warden's office for fighting and attacking Ryo
RATING: There's a little NC-17 in there

I bet you're a top too.. )
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Who: Mutou
What: Notices
When: After Sen goes back
Where: In his office
Why: Emoishness
Rating: ESFG (Even Safe for Grandmas)
Editor's note: I prefer aim or msn rp. n.~ Replies will be quicker if you contact me there.

Clickity )
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Who: Sen, Mutou
When: After Sen is sent to 'solitary'
Where: Mutou's House
What: Mutou gets the truth outta Sen
Rating: NC-17 - total kink - bondage, whips and vibrating butt plugs

Shortly after lockdown, several guards come to pick Sen up. )
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Who: Sen, Mutou
When: During work hours
Where: Mutou's office
What: Things don't quite go to plan for Sen
Rating: NC-17

Have you abandoned the love of your life, the sun to your shine? )
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Who: Sen, Mutou
When: During worktime
Where: Mutou’s Office
What: Sen keeps Mutou sweet
Rating: NC-17

Owari. Come in here, please. )
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Who: Kashe and Warden -- Ryu And Warden
What: Happines
Where: His office
When: Day
Warnings: NC-17

Stop~ )
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WHO: Mutou, Blue
WHAT: meeting
WHERE: Warden's office.
WHEN: Right now.
RATING: R for poRn

Warden is teh sex. )
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Who: Sen,
What: Working
Where: Warden's Office
When: Morning
Warnings: TBA

another day, another job )


Jul. 7th, 2007 01:37 pm
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Who: Warden Mutou and... uh... a random guard and... yeah. xD
When: Dinner time.
Where: Cafeteriaishness
What: brooding Warden
Rating: ESFG (Even Safe for Grandmas)... The first post anyway. Sen is an effing potty mouth.

Let's get started, y0. )
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Who: Warden Mutou, Sen
When: Morning, 8:30-ish
Where: Warden's office
What: Sen's first day on the job
Rating: Unknown atm, most likely not higher than PG-13

Into my parlor, said the spider to the fly )


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