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Who: Sen, Sword.
When: Daytime.
Where: Showers.
What: Surprise Shower Sex
Rating: NC-17 – sex, sex and more sex.

I'm just trying to get you clean. After you're the one that said you were dirty. )
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Who __ Irvine & Norman
What ___ Showering and ... almost smexing?
Where ___ Showers, then Irvine's Cell
When ___ Evening
Warnings ___ NC-17 for slightly smutty.

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WHO: Sword, Sen
WHAT: Sen breaks up with Sword
WHERE: Showers
WHEN: Morning

... )
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Who: Jay, Michael
When: Afternoon
Where: Their cell and the showers
What: A little fooling around
Rating: NC-17

Michael lay on his bunk reading the latest King Clayton book. )
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Who: Raijin and Squall
When: Morning
Where: Showers
What: Raijin attempting to take care of Squall
Rating: PG 13 (it’s the showers!)

Raijin was only a body to lean on... )
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Who: Sen, Norman and a couple of NPC guys
When: Recreational Period
Where: Laundry Room
What: Sen teaches a couple of his men a lesson
Rating: NC-17

payback time )
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Who: Vergil, Dante
What: Getting clean and thinking.
Where: Showers
When: Later in the day, after Dante and Hwoa's fight.
Warning: TBA, but who knows with these two?

Where's my rubber ducky!? )
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Who: Dante and Open
What: Singing horribly in the showers.
Where: showers
Why: Hes a dirty boy
Warnings: No clue

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Who: Axl and Open?
When: Evening (20:10)
Where: Showers
What: Cleaning himself and what have you?
Rating: TBA

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Who: Seifer and Zell
When: 2030
Where: Showers - Level 3
What: Seifer and Zell hit the showers to smoke out 5 rats
Rating: R for sexual innuendo and violence

maybe he'd give them each a nice solid and fatal kick in the place of good and evil )
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Who: Squall, Seifer
When: Morning showertime
Where: Shower room
What: Squall finally met his match
Rating: I suck at ratings... Um... R for icky stuff?

A moment of weakness )
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Who: Seifer and Zell (Open)
When: Between 2000-2100
Where: Showers level 3
What: The shower scene: take two
Rating: NC 17

Raindrops keep falling on my head... )
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Who: Zell (open)
When: 800
Where: Showers
What: Doing a rain dance. J/k, he’s taking a shower!
Rating: NC17

Too bad they were immune to boyish charm )
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Who: Sword, Sen
When: After this. But before this and this.
Where: showers
What: 'breaking up'
Rating: TBA

You think you can do this for me? )
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Who: Squall, Seifer
When: 0720
Where: Their cell to begin with
What: The morning after the night before
Rating: TBA

rise and shine )
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Who: Hwoarang [open]
Where: Showers Level 3
When: Approximately 2015 – Shower Time
What: Ummm...I’ll say showering and...contemplating the meaning of life?
Rating: TBA...but with underlying nudity in a communal bathroom you never know XD
Other: Horrible rendition of the musical score "Singing in the Rain"

his voice could kill sheep )
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Who: Reno (Open!)
When: Some time after meeting the other inmates. (About 2000.)
Where: Showers
What: Taking care of all that hair! And thinking how to make the most of all his new acquaintances.
Rating: TBA

For the first time in years, Reno was thinking about cutting his hair. )
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Who: David; Sen
When: 2000
Where: The Showers
What: Getting To Work
Rating: NC-17 For Language and Sexual Situations


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