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Who: Sen, [open]
When: Morning work period
Where: Barber's shop
What: Sen's first day back at work
Rating: TBA

Back to work )
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Who: Kashe and Warden -- Ryu And Warden
What: Happines
Where: His office
When: Day
Warnings: NC-17

Stop~ )
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WHO: Sword; OPEN
WHAT: suffering
WHERE: Infirmary
WHEN:The morning he gets out of solitary.

Broken... )


Jul. 7th, 2007 01:37 pm
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Who: Warden Mutou and... uh... a random guard and... yeah. xD
When: Dinner time.
Where: Cafeteriaishness
What: brooding Warden
Rating: ESFG (Even Safe for Grandmas)... The first post anyway. Sen is an effing potty mouth.

Let's get started, y0. )
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Who: Ryu
What: Suicide
Where: His Cell when Normans not there
When: Rec
Why: Feels its right.
Warnings: TBA

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Who: Ryuiki Kitana & OPEN
What:  Recovering for the second time.
Where:  Infirmary.
When: Around Lunch
Why: He needs contact.
Warnings.: TBA

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Who: Sword, Kashe
When: Afternoon
Where: Laundry
What: Rape
Rating: NC-17 (RAPE)

Gonna teach you a lesson )
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Who: Kashe and Sen
Where: Normans Cell while he's showering
when: after lunch
why: plot!
Warning: uhm..Molestification?

Kashe chuckled gently,  it had been Ryuiki who needed to see Sen,  but he had taken over in time to meet with the other Japanese male,  easily slipping in and faking Ryu's pouty little voice.  "S-sen..?  Are you alone now...?" 

Kashe was smirking on the inside as he inched closer,  bringing up his arms to his chest.
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Who: Sen, Open
When: Afternoon
Where: Library
What: Sen just wants a little distraction
Rating: TBA

take me away from this place )
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Who: Kashe and Axel And Open 
What: Grilling
Where:Outside recreation area
When: Play time
Why: Needed to happen
Warnings: TBA

Stupid... )
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Who: Marluxia, Ryuiki Kitana
When: Approximately 2100.
Where: Cell X8B
What: Marluxia arrives.
Rating: PG-13, for now.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. )
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Who: Sword, Ryuiki
When: After Sword talks to Vergil
Where: On his way to Ryuiki's cell
What: TBA
Rating: TBA

I'm outta commission for two days and hell breaks lose. )
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Who: Ryuiki and anyone who wants to mess with him
What: Clothing folding!
Where: Laundramat
When:  Their free time thingy
Why:  His clothing smell like sweat
Warnings: TBA

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Who: Sword, Open
When: Day after Sword raped Sen
Where: Stairwell
What: being pissy
Rating: TBA

being cranky )
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Who: Norman & [open]
When: while everyone has their own drama going on that Norman's ignoring in favor of having his own fun
Where: around the cells
What: Norman decides to "greet" the new blood
Rating: PG-PG 13 for Reno's mouth

New prisoners need a proper greeting )
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Who: Sword, Ryuiki
When: After his talk with Reno
Where: Laundry room
What: Asking for protection
Rating: NC-17

Life is good as top dog. )
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Who: Sen, Ryuiki
When: Lunchtime - after Sen's encounter with Sword
Where: Cafeteria
What: Putting faces to names.
Rating: TBA

Sword's tshirt was most useful )
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Who: Reno, Ryuiki
When: Lunchtime
Where: First day at the UGH, and Reno's trying to figure out the rules that people play by around here.
Rating: PG-13, Language

Reno had always figured that, sooner or later, he was going to end up in a place like this. )


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