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WHO: Dee Laytner and Ryo Maclean
WHEN: A while after the whole Blue thing, right after the closet incident
WHERE: Guard's bathroom
WHAT: Bumping into one another, talking, arguing
RATING: PG-13 for language I'm sure

The bathrooms here were no better than a high schools... )
[identity profile] scarredlion.livejournal.com
Who: Squall, Ryo
When: During Recreation
Where: Rec area
What: Just a bit of a chat
Rating: PG

He felt like he had destroyed whatever ground he and Seifer had found )
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Who: Vergil, Ryo
When: Sometime in the afternoonish...
Where: Showers, and right outside of the showers
What: Beating some ass and then 'chatting'
Rating: PG-13 for language I'm sure

It was bad enough he had to deal with his own twin touching him... now this!? )
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WHO: Sword, Ryo, Damon
WHAT: Ryo's making rounds and finds Sword
WHERE: Rec room and then the infirmary
WHEN: Rec period.

Oop! Gravity works! )
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Who:  Sen Owari, Ryo Maclean
When:  After Sword passes out
Where:  Sen's cell
What:  Fetching the boyfriend of course!
Rating:  TBA

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Who:  Jay Clayton, Ryo Maclean
When:  Day after Ryo breaks up Mika from fighting
Where:  Laundry Room
What:  Discussing redheads?
Rating: TBA

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WHO: Blue, Guy, Dee, Ryo
WHAT: not quite sure yet. But I'm sure Dee's gonna get jealous. lolz
WHERE: Guy's cell to start
WHEN: Lunchtime

abcdefg.... )
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Who:  Ryo Maclean, Sen Owari
When:  Recreational Period
Where:   Wherever recreation is handled (not that kind!!)
What:  Meeting each other
Rating:  PG (Mild suggestive themes)

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Who:  Dee and Ryo
When:  Afternoon, Breaktime
Where:  Staff Room (Breakroom)
What:  Dee's on break and being lazy when Ryo comes in
Rating:  Teeth-rottingly cute?

[identity profile] heardofdenial.livejournal.com
Who:  Blue, Ryo
When:  11AM - Day after their first meeting
Where:  Storage Closet
What:  Blue wants to get into Ryo's pants
Rating:  R/NC-17?

[identity profile] lonely-rebel.livejournal.com
WHO: Michael, Ryo
WHAT: Michael fighting
WHERE: Cafeteria
WHEN: After Ryo's and Blue's conversation

Lots of fire inside... )
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WHO: Ryo, Blue
WHAT: Meeting
WHERE: Around
WHEN: After lunch

Cuz I'm just that good.... )
[identity profile] heardofdenial.livejournal.com
Who: Ryo Maclean
When: Somewhere near lunch
Where: Near the Dining Hall
What: Just trying to get active
Rating: None so Far


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