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Who: Norman and whoever
What: the mun is bored and the muse is lonely
Where: the library
When: before he goes to work

Normy is lonely )


Jul. 10th, 2007 05:29 am
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Who: Gaara & [OPEN]
What: He's just been brought in so I need to get him active.
Where: The library
When: His first day, during free time.
Why: Because.. I miss RPing ever so much.
Warning: He might curse in his mind a bit but unless he is forced into .. *coughsexcough* that's that worst that will happen on my end. OH! But, he is a little crazy and often talks to himself outloud. So, not to confuse people, when his 'demon' is talking, I will bold it, kay? No one can hear the demon, so you can't ever really answer it but he can, and will. Okay? So, uh, when you interact with him, don't answer anything in bold.

Introducing your friendly neighbor psycho killer! )
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Who: Squall, [open]
When: Recreational Period
Where: Library
What: Reading
Rating: TBA

Squall was bored. )
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Who: Roxas [[livejournal.com profile] whore_baby] and Axel [[livejournal.com profile] flames_bond]
When: ~ 13:10, during work time.
Where: Library
What: While on-duty, Roxas is paid a little visit from Axel.
Rating: R; sex is most likely to happen.

Roxas pretended as though he wasn't about to go to the back office to commit acts of a questionable nature. )
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Who | Zato - Axl?
Where | Library
When | Free Time
Warnings | Zato getting whupped

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Who: Victor, Clive, Reno
When: Tail end of Rec, 2100
Where: Library, 'course
What: Booksitting, 'course
Rating: PG-13

The Devil May Care )
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Who: Reno, Clive
When: Formerly working-in-the-library time for a certain trouble-making redhead, but now do-as-I-please time.
Where: Library!
What: Over-taken by a severe chronic disease known as boredom.
Rating: TBA

Plan A had been to take a nap. )
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Who: Reno (Open!)
When: Some time after work begins. (About 1330.)
Where: Library
What: Smoking and contemplating all the mysteries of the universe. Really.
Rating: TBA

Clever, but bandaged hands absently flicked Reno's lucky lighter open and shut... )
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Who: Sen, Open
When: Afternoon
Where: Library
What: Sen just wants a little distraction
Rating: TBA

take me away from this place )
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Who: Cecil B. Lorton, Victor Harpin, Clive Green (Open! =D)
When: After Lunch! :3 (Around 1315)
Where: Library!
What: Cecil wanders to the library (It's his first day at UGH)
Rating: PG (A few expletives, nothing more ^.^)
{{CLOSED! =D}}

Giving off the impression of an abandoned puppy. )
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Who: Victor and a wilting Clover Clive (Open)
When: Starts at the crack of friggin' dawn in some places, approx wake up call
Where: Library, 'course
What: Booksitting, 'course
Rating: TBA

The Waiting Game )
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Who: 1 cup Clive, 1 cup Chase, and 1/4 teaspoon Victor. Mix with wooden spoon.
When: Bake for approx 1 hour in Recreational Oven or until golden brown.
Where: Let sit on circulation desk.
What: Enjoy after cooled.
Rating: A family treat.

{ Closed! =D }

Brain dead )
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Who: Reno, Axel, Sword (Open!)
When: Some time after work begins. (About 1330.)
Where: Library
What: Trying to hide from the devil librarian.
Rating: Not Work Safe! O:

He technically should probably have reported to the reference desk about twenty minutes ago... )
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Who: Victor, Reno, Clive, and one temporary non-playable twat (Closed)
When: Approx 0730, breakfast time
Where: Library
What: Booksitting, 'course.
Rating: PG

First day on the job )


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