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Who: Sen, Kain, Damon.
When: Early afternoon.
Where: Kain’s Office, Infirmary, Damon’s place.
What: Sen learns a few unwelcome truths.
Rating: R for Sen’s bad language!

You can still get out Sen. )
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Who: Sen, Michael.
When: Day after Mutou’s announcement.
Where: Michael’s cell.
What: Sen has a proposition for Michael.
Rating: PG-13

What do you want? )
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Who: Sen, Damon, Kain, (Lawr briefly).
When: Shortly after Mutou’s announcement.
Where: Infirmary, then the morgue.
What: Seeing the proof for himself.
Rating: PG-13

Sen. I don't think that's such a good idea. )
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Who: Lawr, Sen, Sword
When: During Recreation Period
Where: Rec Room
What: Sword protects what is his.
Rating: NC-17

I guess I just haven't run into the pedophiles yet. )
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Who: Jay & Michael, later McGee
When: Daytime.
Where: Their Cell, later the cafeteria.
What: Discussing the phone call and acting on it.
Rating: NC-17.

You... you'll be free. That's a good thing Mika. You won't be stuck in this rat hole with these sick bastards. )
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Who: Michael & King.
When: Daytime.
Where: The phones//King’s office.
What: Mika phones King.
Rating: PG-13.

Michael had gone through some of Jay's things until he found King's phone number. )
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Who: Jay & Michael.
When: Daytime.
Where: Their Cell.
What: Discussing art and hormones.
Rating: R.

Horny. Yes. )
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Who: Jay, Michael.
When: Daytime.
Where: Their cell.
What: Talking about Lucifel.
Rating: PG-13.

Maybe he's here to fix things between you? )
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Who: Sen, Sword.
When: Daytime.
Where: Showers.
What: Surprise Shower Sex
Rating: NC-17 – sex, sex and more sex.

I'm just trying to get you clean. After you're the one that said you were dirty. )
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Who __ Irvine & Norman
What ___ Showering and ... almost smexing?
Where ___ Showers, then Irvine's Cell
When ___ Evening
Warnings ___ NC-17 for slightly smutty.

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Who: Axl Low and Zato
When: Morning
Where: Their cell
What: Axl coming back for the first time
Rating: PG-13
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Who: Squall, Ryo
When: During Recreation
Where: Rec area
What: Just a bit of a chat
Rating: PG

He felt like he had destroyed whatever ground he and Seifer had found )
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Who: Muraki and Leon
What: Leon's injured
Where: Infirmary
When: Morning.
Warnings: Molestication

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Who:  Chaos, Travis Mutou
When:  Afternoonish
Where:  Warden's Office
What:  Minor scolding turning to other things
Rating:  NC-17 (As often with the Warden, kinkiness ensues...)

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WHO: Dante, Vergil
WHAT: Vergil gets a surprise!
WHERE: their cell
WHEN: morning after they made out, before breakfast

Surprise!!! )
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WHO: Sword, Sen
WHAT: Sword wakes up after surgery
WHERE: Infirmary
WHEN: A few hours after surgery

Sword sat straight up in bed.... )
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Who:  Jay Clayton, Ryo Maclean
When:  Day after Ryo breaks up Mika from fighting
Where:  Laundry Room
What:  Discussing redheads?
Rating: TBA

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WHO: Kain, David
WHAT: Kain's asks David for a favour
WHERE: David's workshop
WHEN: After Kain comes back from lunch

Paint the prison? With what? Blood? )
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Who: Sen, [open]
When: Morning work period
Where: Barber's shop
What: Sen's first day back at work
Rating: TBA

Back to work )
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WHO: Blue, Guy, Dee, Ryo
WHAT: not quite sure yet. But I'm sure Dee's gonna get jealous. lolz
WHERE: Guy's cell to start
WHEN: Lunchtime

abcdefg.... )


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