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Okay This is a long time coming because I've been a bad mun and haven't posted up my logs. So here is a compressed log since after the three way to Christmas. Yeah ... *cough* lot of stuff happens.

Who: David, Kain, [Monique King]
What: Fighting, More Fighting, Lies, Intrigue and Fluff
Where: Prison, Restaurants, Kain's Office
Warnings: cursing, intrigue, betrayal, and fluff.

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Who: Sen, Kain, Damon.
When: Early afternoon.
Where: Kain’s Office, Infirmary, Damon’s place.
What: Sen learns a few unwelcome truths.
Rating: R for Sen’s bad language!

You can still get out Sen. )
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Who: Sen, Damon, Kain, (Lawr briefly).
When: Shortly after Mutou’s announcement.
Where: Infirmary, then the morgue.
What: Seeing the proof for himself.
Rating: PG-13

Sen. I don't think that's such a good idea. )
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Who: Sword, Sen, Lacey
When: During their extended visit
Where: Family room
What:Sen is an emo little bitch They play at happy families
Rating: PG-13 maybe a little higher for their potty mouths!

I was just about to make some of that Pasta I've been bragging about. )
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who: Bridget and Leon
where: Break Room
when: before guard change, past noon
warnings: none. Tame here.

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..Who.. : Leon and Mutou
..What.. : Going for Drinks and Corruption
..Where.. : Staff Room ; Bar . Mutou's house
..When.. : Afternoon into Evening
..Warnings.. : 100% Pure Grade A Smut Ahead. XXX

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Who: Leon
What: Taking a break
Where: Level 2, Staff Room
Interactions: Anyone would be fun ...
Rating: G for Harmless.

Leon, rarely if ever ... took a break from his job ... )
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Who: Sen, Kain
When: After Kain's mysterious journal entry
Where: Kain's office
What: Sen tries to get kain to talk
Rating: TBA

Therapist Sen is in the building! )
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Who -- Mutou and Leon
What -- Meeting and ... Discomfort?
Where --- Warden's Office
When --- Morning
Warnings --- Some nudity and sexual innuendo. Pretty basic stuff round here.

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Who [ David and Kain ]
Where [ Kain's Office ]
What [ Betrayal ]
When [ Afternoon ]
Warnings [ Swearing, Not much else]

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Who: Sword, Sen, Stacy & Lacey
When: Once the test results arrive back safely
Where: Visiting room
What: Finding out the results
Rating: TBA

Result time )
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Who:  Swordfish, Chaos
When:  After Sword's visitor and after his talk with Sen
Where:  Chaos' office
What:  Legal Advice
Rating:  PG-13 (Cursing! Sword you potty mouth)

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Who: Sword, a guard, and a blast from Sword's past.
When: Morning
Where: Visiting Room
What: Sword gets a bit of a shock
Rating: TBA

Visitor! )
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Who: Sen, Mutou
When: Afternoon work period
Where: Mutou's Office
What: Sen delivers the barber shop order form to Mutou
Rating: PG

How does it feel, Sen... )
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Who: Kain, Jay
When: After Jay was summoned to Kain's Office
Where: Kain's office
What: A chat
Rating: PG

Jay made his way up to Kain's office )
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WHO: Kain, Michael, Mutou
WHEN: After Michael gets in a fight with Muraki
WHERE: Mutou's office
WHAT: Discussing Michael's behavour.

Who'd you attack this time... )
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WHO: Kain, Mutou
WHAT: Talking
WHERE: Mutou's office
WHEN: afternoon?

Will you stay mended... )
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WHO: Michael, Mutou
WHAT: Getting trouble
WHERE: Mutou's office
WHEN: After Mika's taken to the warden's office for fighting and attacking Ryo
RATING: There's a little NC-17 in there

I bet you're a top too.. )
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Who: Mutou
What: Notices
When: After Sen goes back
Where: In his office
Why: Emoishness
Rating: ESFG (Even Safe for Grandmas)
Editor's note: I prefer aim or msn rp. n.~ Replies will be quicker if you contact me there.

Clickity )


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