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WHO: Thakory, hopefully Norman
WHAT: Thakory goes back to his cell after piercing Sen
WHERE: Thakory and Norman's cell
WHEN: After piercing Sen

Thakory was a bit shaken up... )
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WHO: Michael, Jay
WHAT: Jay asks Michael about tattooing
WHERE: Their cell
WHEN: After Jay talks to Thakory

Read more.. )
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Who: Sen, Michael.
When: Day after Mutou’s announcement.
Where: Michael’s cell.
What: Sen has a proposition for Michael.
Rating: PG-13

What do you want? )
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Who: Sen, Lawr, Sword and some guards
When: Afternoon
Where: Outside the cells
What: Fighting
Rating: PG-13

Travis Mutou isn't all sunshine, rainbows and puppy dogs. )
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Who: Lawr, Sen, Sword
When: During Recreation Period
Where: Rec Room
What: Sword protects what is his.
Rating: NC-17

I guess I just haven't run into the pedophiles yet. )
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Who: Jay & Michael, later McGee
When: Daytime.
Where: Their Cell, later the cafeteria.
What: Discussing the phone call and acting on it.
Rating: NC-17.

You... you'll be free. That's a good thing Mika. You won't be stuck in this rat hole with these sick bastards. )
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Who: Jay & Michael.
When: Daytime.
Where: Their Cell.
What: Discussing art and hormones.
Rating: R.

Horny. Yes. )
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Who: Jay, Michael, Lucifel.
When: Daytime.
Where: Corridor, then the cells.
What: Meeting and the aftermath.
Rating: PG-13.

Lick like a good dog and I'll consider it. )
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Who: Jay, Michael.
When: Daytime.
Where: Their cell.
What: Talking about Lucifel.
Rating: PG-13.

Maybe he's here to fix things between you? )
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Who __ Irvine & Norman
What ___ Showering and ... almost smexing?
Where ___ Showers, then Irvine's Cell
When ___ Evening
Warnings ___ NC-17 for slightly smutty.

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Who: Squall, Seifer
When: After their journalesque arguement
Where: Their cell
What: Squall is emo-sulking
Rating: R (Seifer is teh bad man)

Squall was curled up on his own bunk )
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Who: Axl and Zato
When: Lockdown
Where: Their Cell
What: Gaining Comfort
Rating: R?

[identity profile] akuseru-row.livejournal.com
Who: Axl Low and Zato
When: Morning
Where: Their cell
What: Axl coming back for the first time
Rating: PG-13
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WHO: Dante, Vergil
WHAT: Vergil gets a surprise!
WHERE: their cell
WHEN: morning after they made out, before breakfast

Surprise!!! )
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Who:  Sen Owari, Ryo Maclean
When:  After Sword passes out
Where:  Sen's cell
What:  Fetching the boyfriend of course!
Rating:  TBA

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WHO: Blue, Guy, Dee, Ryo
WHAT: not quite sure yet. But I'm sure Dee's gonna get jealous. lolz
WHERE: Guy's cell to start
WHEN: Lunchtime

abcdefg.... )
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Who: Jay & Mika
When: Some time after the previous thread
Where: Their Cell
What: Talking about deep issues of the heart
Rating: PG-ish

Michael came into the cell after walking around for little bit )
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Who: Jay & Mika
When: After Mika gets out of Solitary
Where: Their Cell
What: Jay tries to comfort Mika
Rating: Some kissing and stuff

Michael made his way back to his cell after he was finally let out of solitary )
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Who: Guy, Blue, and a little bit of Dee
What: His first day in UGH
Where: Being brought in to his cell
Rating: AM for Angst Muffins

All of my memories keep you near...  )
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Who: Seify and Squally
What: take a wild guess XO
Where: they'll end up in their cell
Rating: NC-17 omg no duh

Been a while, hasn't it? )


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