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Who: Elliot Rosencroft and Travis Mutou
When: He arrives in the afternoon
Where: Mutou's office
What: Talking
Rating: PG-13

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Who: Light and Motou
What:  Speaching
Where:  Motou's office
When:  Sometime during 'free' time

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Who: Mutou & Squall
When: Some time after Balthier’s meeting with Mutou
Where: Mutou’s Office
What: Meeting regarding Sam’s death.
Rating: PG-13

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Who: Mutou, Balthier and Random Guard Bob
What: Mutou has a propsition
Where: Mutou's office
When: Before Sam's revenge attempt
Rating: PG-13
**Note** - This should have been up before the post with Sam but I'm an idiot. XD


I love you, Warden Mutou! )
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who: Balthier, Mutou, Random Guard Bob
what: requesting
where: Mutou's office
when: 11:30am
rating: dildo usage

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who: mutou and donovan, special guest - Random Guard Bob
what: interrigation
where: mutou's office
when: just before lockdown
why: mutou wants to know stuff
how: drugs, baby
rating: bondage, tazers, drugs and nudity... poor donovan ; ;

Do you know what methylenedioxymethamphetamine is, Donovan? )
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Who: Squall, Mutou
When: Daytime
Where: Mutou’s Office
What: Talking
Rating: PG-13

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Who:  Gabriel
What: Asking for a cell switch
When: Later when his bone is reset in his foot.
Where:  Mutou's office
Rating: PG
Interactions: Mutou

Money could bring him safety. )

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Who: Sam, Moutu
What: Sam gets a visit in solitary
When; dunno
Where: Solitary
rating: nc 17

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Who: Mutou, Donovan and Brian. Special guests: Elliot Rosencroft and Random Guard Bob.
What: Questioning
Where: Mutou's office, Donovan's cell
When: During office hours
Why: Elliot wants information
How: Tazer
Rating: Are you paying attention? I just said Mutou and Tazer are in the same rp. Don't read this if you're squicky about tazers.

No you can't....no one can....not at all. )
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Who: Donovan and Mutou
When: Upon arriving
Where: His office
What: Finding out a few things, getting introduced.
Rating: None yet, besides cursing.

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Who: Sen, Mutou
When: Daytime
Where: Mutou’s office
What: Sen asks for a favour
Rating: R

Like a zoo. We can't help it, we go stir crazy down there. )
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Who: Ryuiki 
What:  Applying
Where:   The Wardens Office
When: Once Lockdown lifts.
Why:  Cause! 8D

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Who: Sam
When: Afternoon
Where: Wardens office
What: asking for jobs
Rating: TBA

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Who: Sen, Mutou
When: After Sen stabs Spider
Where: Mutou’s Office
What: Talking and sushi eating
Rating: PG-13

there was no need to drag him and poke at him! )
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WHO: Lawr, Mutou
WHAT: Lawr goes to solitary
WHERE: Mutou's office
WHEN: Afternoon
RATING: PG-13 for nakedness and talking of sucking cock

Immediate lockdown!!! )

Mutou's memo:

Starting tonight, there will be a prison wide lockdown. No one is to leave their cells for any reason unless they request an audience with me.

-Warden Travis Mutou
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WHO: Motou, Sam. (Cant get Motou's tag to work, but he is there!)
WHAT: Interview XD
WHEN: un,.. rec time?
WHERE: Motou's Office

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who: Mutou, open 8D
what: notice
where: prisoner public board
when: some random morning
why: the warden needs something
rating: -so far- ESFG (even safe for grandmas)

How gratifying for once to know that those above will serve those down below! )


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