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who: Meea
what: Last day
when: Early morning

I don't need it where I'm going. )
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Who:  Donovan
What:  Waiting on Meea one final time
When:  The day before he leaves
Where:  Cells
Rating:  NC-17!  This is smut!
Interactions:  Meea

Guess everything is working out. )

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Who: Donovan
What: Switching back and getting news
When: Morning
Where: Visitation, cells, mail room, hallway, cafeteria
Rating: Will induce tears
Interations: Meea over aim

...I got a date, okay? )
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Who: Leolin
What: Taking a bath
When: At night
Where: Showers
Rating: R for Nudie bits
Interactions: Meea and Brian over aim

Aquaphobia )
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who: Brian, Leolin, Meea, Sky
what: hanging out
where: Brian's cell
when: afternoon
why: to keep Leolin hidden
rating: esfg - fluff!

Brian chortles softly, because Tajia likes it when he does that. )
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Who: Sky
What: Looking for Brian
Where: Library of course!
When: Right after Meea/Leolin arrive in library
Rating: esfg
Interactions: Meea, Brian, Leolin

...he liked the company of the small blonde. )

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who: Meea, Brian, Leolin
what: meeting
where: Donovan's cell and library
when: after the visit
why: twins are awesome

...but he was breaking down. )
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who: Meea, Donovan (special guests: Addis, Leolin and Random Guard Bob)
what: sadness and a visit
where: cell and the visiting room
when: just after lock.. up? xD morning
rating: esfg... some language

Oh God...why did you come here!? )
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who: Brian, Gabriel, Meea (including special guests from Wonderland)
what: moving and tea
when: all day that one day
where: cells and rec room
why: because it's fun!
how: teh muns said it was so!
rating: esfg... total fluff

I thought you were insane for a moment. )
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Who: Donovan and Meea (With special guest appearances by RIBetty and RIBruno)
What: Hanging out
Where: Meea's cell
When: Evening
Why: Donovan hadn't seen Meea
How: Donovan goes to Meea's cell
Rating: Sugar-ey. Some kissing. Little language.

You looka like a man! )
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Who: Meea, Sono, RIs
What: Bet handling
Where: Cafeteria
When: Lunch
Why: Sono owes Meea
How: On the table, baby
Rating: Toothache inducing. May cause gigglefits.

I bet you did. )
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Who: Hadrian, Meea, open
What: Meeting of the geeks
When: Midday
Where: library
Rating: pendingGEEKY! )
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who: Donovan, Brian (briefly), Meea
what: movie day!
where: cells and a minute in the library
when: all day!
why: b/c dating is fun
how: Meea bought a tv!
rating: hot sexing ahoy!

Do you like candy? )
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Who: Meea, Sono
What: Meeting, Geeking XD
Where: Cafeteria
When: Lunchtime
Rating: None! (Unless you don't like geeks XD)


Are we about to have an epic battle? )
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who: Donovan, Meea
what: stuff
where: cafeteria, shower, cells
when: dinnertime to lockdown
why: *sings* Getting to knoooow you, getting to know all aboooout you!
how: Donovan opens up
rating: nosebleed cuteness at the end. ESFG (even safe for grandmas)

A thousand times, goodnight. )
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Who: Meea (T's new muse ^_^) and Donovan
When: All Day
Where: Bathrooms, cafeteria, cells
What: Detox is hell?
Rating: PG-13

I got 32 points of charisma.. )


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