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Who:  Gabriel
What:  Playing his violin
When:  Few days after Meea's departure, midday
Where:  Cell
Rating:  TBA
Interactions:  Open

Curves of music )

[identity profile] isnotyourdog.livejournal.com
Who: Leolin
What: Taking a bath
When: At night
Where: Showers
Rating: R for Nudie bits
Interactions: Meea and Brian over aim

Aquaphobia )
[identity profile] kogepant.livejournal.com
who: Brian, Leolin, Meea, Sky
what: hanging out
where: Brian's cell
when: afternoon
why: to keep Leolin hidden
rating: esfg - fluff!

Brian chortles softly, because Tajia likes it when he does that. )
[identity profile] sky-killer.livejournal.com
Who: Sky
What: Looking for Brian
Where: Library of course!
When: Right after Meea/Leolin arrive in library
Rating: esfg
Interactions: Meea, Brian, Leolin

...he liked the company of the small blonde. )

[identity profile] kogepant.livejournal.com
who: Meea, Brian, Leolin
what: meeting
where: Donovan's cell and library
when: after the visit
why: twins are awesome

...but he was breaking down. )
[identity profile] sky-killer.livejournal.com
Who: Brian & Sky
What: Brian's wise words
Where: Library
When: Morning
Rating: None, really. ^^


You make bad decisions. )
[identity profile] kogepant.livejournal.com
who: Brian, Gabriel, Meea (including special guests from Wonderland)
what: moving and tea
when: all day that one day
where: cells and rec room
why: because it's fun!
how: teh muns said it was so!
rating: esfg... total fluff

I thought you were insane for a moment. )
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who: Mutou, Isaack, Sam
what: visiting solitary
where: *blinks* solitary cells
when: that one time
why: Isaack needs to be spoken to and Sam needs sexing
how: Mutou goes down there
rating: some language; total pwp; sex
editor's note: Kristina? This is that post I wanted you to wait for. <3

You have a mouth, don't you? )
[identity profile] kogepant.livejournal.com
who: Brian, Donovan, open (with special prodding to medical muses! non-npcs preferred. xD)
what: Needing to get his arm looked at
where: Infirmary
when: In the morning
why: Brian's arm still hurts
how: By walking with his feet to the designated area

Random Doctor Bob should pay more attention to healing than sexing Sam. )
[identity profile] dreamyrequiem.livejournal.com
Who: Gabriel
What: Getting Settled In
When: After Meeting with Shuya
Where: His cell
Interactions: Open

Play a requiem for her... )
[identity profile] isnotyourdog.livejournal.com
Who: Donovan
Meeting up again and plotting
Day after Meea's little adventure...Midday

Suffer...suffer...suf... )
[identity profile] dive-in-deep.livejournal.com
Who: Sen, Brian
When: Daytime
Where: Cafeteria
What: Talking
Rating: PG

Secrets are best kept secret, Owari Sen, )
[identity profile] kogepant.livejournal.com
who: Donovan, Brian (briefly), Meea
what: movie day!
where: cells and a minute in the library
when: all day!
why: b/c dating is fun
how: Meea bought a tv!
rating: hot sexing ahoy!

Do you like candy? )
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Who: Mutou, Donovan and Brian. Special guests: Elliot Rosencroft and Random Guard Bob.
What: Questioning
Where: Mutou's office, Donovan's cell
When: During office hours
Why: Elliot wants information
How: Tazer
Rating: Are you paying attention? I just said Mutou and Tazer are in the same rp. Don't read this if you're squicky about tazers.

No you can't....no one can....not at all. )
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Who: Brian, Sono
Where: Library
When: Chores time
What: Brian helps Sono
Rating: Pg13


Read, learn. )
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Who: Brian, Sono
What: Cactus!!
Where: Sono's Cell, Library [Before Brian's run-in with Issack! >.<]
When: Morning
Rating: None
Spiky... )

[identity profile] isnotyourdog.livejournal.com

Who: Brian and Donovan
When: Obviously the same day as Sono's run in and before Isaack
Where: Library (where else?)
What: Talking about drugs and resting and comfort
Rating: PG-13

I try not to be around here. )
[identity profile] kogepant.livejournal.com
Who: Brian, Sam, Random Doctor Bob
What: Brian is hurt. ; ;
Where: Hall then infirmary.
When: After Isaac was mean to Brian.
Why: Brian is hurt!
How: Isaac was mean!
Rating: No smexing. I think Sam has a potty mouth. *edit* Pervy RDB gives Sam a checkup. xD

At least my books are safe. )
[identity profile] normanwrite.livejournal.com
Who: Norman and... open.
What: doing business. And by business I mean cutting hair :x basically the mun trying to get Normy out there
Where: barbershop~
When: ...daytime?
Warnings: PG to start off

Normy has a real job, srsly )
[identity profile] hansaki-sono.livejournal.com
Who: Brian, Sono
What: Brian saw it all!
Where: Library
When: Afternoon
Rating: None

And you should find a cactus. )


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