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Who: Jay and King
When: Day
Where: Visiting Room
What: Talking
Rating: PG-13

Jay had been sleeping when a guard came to tell him he had a visitor. He rubbed at his eyes, yawning a little. He wasn't expecting King until next week. Grabbing his cigarettes and lighter, he followed the guard up to the visitor's room.

King was seated at a table, his hair fastened back and dark glasses covering his eyes. He had a few packets of cigarettes stacked on the table and his arms crossed in front of him.

Jay grinned when he caught sight of his brother, bounding over to the table where he was sat, flopping into the seat opposite him. "You're early." He teased, greeting King.

King smiled and slid the cigarettes across the table resting his chin on one of his hands. "I've got something better to be doing next week, Jay, instead of visiting your convict butt."

Jay smiled softly at the cigarettes, hugging them to his chest. "Like what?" He all but pouted. "Work stuff?" He asked, lighting a cigarette.

"Yes, work stuff. I've got a new book almost ready. I thought I'd give you the manuscript." At that, he drew a book from his bag. It was printed on white paper without a real cover. Of course, there was another copy and the saved file on his computer.

"Oh wow! It's done already?!" Jay beamed, taking it from King, flicking through it. "So cool! I can't wait to read it!!" He grinned up at King. "So... How's life on the outside?"

King gave a slight shrug, running his hand through his hair. "Same as always. Nothing too interesting has happened." He rubbed at the back of his neck, watching Jay from behind his shades. "Ace got a good score on his last exam, so I'm taking him for a meal tonight."

Jay smiled sadly at the mention of Ace. "Heh. Chibi's been studying hard? That's good. How... How is he?"

"He's... a teenager." King finally removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Full of attitude, thinks he's the biggest and best thing since sliced bread and causing his fair share of trouble."

"Well... You need someone to cause trouble now I'm not around to keep you busy..." He took a drag from his cigarette, exhaling the smoke away from King.

King settled his eyes on Jay, quirking an eyebrow. "Yeah, well, I'd prefer it if he didn't end up down here too. I think that's what he actually wants sometimes."

Jay frowned. "..." He ashed the cigarette, letting out a heavy sigh. "It's not so great down here... Tell him I said to behave himself or I'll kick his ass..."

"I'll pass on the message." He drummed his fingers on the table then looked at Jay rather sadly. "How're things down here, hm?"

"Same as always. It's full of drugs, sex and violence... A perfect holiday spot..." Jay mumbled with dry sarcasm. "I miss you."

King gave a slight sigh and reached his hand out, cupping Jay's face for a moment. "I miss you, too..." Then he withdrew his hand and crossed his arms on the table. "How're things with your cellmate?"

"Michael? ... I don't really know..." Jay scrunched up his nose. "Things were going well... really well and now... he's really distant with me..."

"What did you do?" His tone was most accusatory but he knew Jay had a tendency to put his foot in his mouth. He took Jay's cigarette and had a drag before scrunching his nose up and giving it back.

"I didn't do anything! ... I've been faithful, I've been understanding, I've even been understanding about his lack of desire for sex! That's how much I care about him..."

"Jesus... you must care if you're giving up sex." He shrugged a little before settling back in his seat. "Well, if he's being a dick then forget him. There's no point in making your life a misery for some brat with an attitude."

"Heh... Brat with an attitude... Isn't that exactly what I was?" Jay murmured, taking a fnal drag of his cigarette before stubbing it out.

"Mm, but I have to put up with you. You're my brother." He murmured back, watching the other man with slightly saddened eyes with a hint of longing in his gaze.

Jay flushed a little, turning his face away. "Heh... brothers... yeah." He forced a smile. "I just happen to be the best damned brother in the world!"

"Hn... sure." He reached out, brushing his hand over Jay's cheek, frowning just a little. "I wish there was a way to be with you again. Like we were." He almost whispered.

Jay rested his hand on top of King's. "There... there's the family rooms... You get to spend a few days together. They're more for husbands, wives and kids... but I'm sure you could find a loophole..."

"Maybe they'd let brothers meet like that..." he frowned a little, curling his fingers around Jay's for a moment. "But I don't want to tear you away from your new favourite person."

Jay kissed King's palm gently. "Idiot. You'll always be my favourite person."

"Heh... your cellmate is your new favourite, Jay. It's about time I stepped back, right?" He murmured, his fingers twitching.

"This your way of getting rid of me?" Jay murmured, pouting a little. "You planning on replacing me with Chibi?"

King gave Jay's face a slight slap, frowning at him. "Ace is not you. He never could be you. You know you're the most important thing in my life."

Jay whimpered a little, rubbing his cheek, pouting at King. "Yeah, well, Michael isn't you, either!!"

King curled his hand around Jay's, giving him a slight tug and leaning forward. "You're mine, remember? You are mine, Jay," he murmured.

Jay blushed bright, swallowing hard as he nodded at King, squeaking slightly. "...Always..." He whispered, stealing a soft kiss.

King curled his free hand around the back of Jay's neck and kissed him firmly before settling back, withdrawing both hands.

Jay flushed brighter. "I... I've missed that..." He murmured, chewing on his bottom lip. "You still taste the same."

King laughed lightly, his gaze falling to the table. "You still taste like cigarettes." He teased, resting his chin on his hand as he watching his 'little brother'.

"At least it isn't cigarettes and alcohol anymore." Jay laughed, running a hand through his hair, looking away.

"Only because you can't get booze down here." He watched him a moment longer before drumming his fingers on the table. "Hey. You. Kiss me."

Jay laughed again and leaned across the table to kiss King, not really caring who saw them.

King curled his hand in Jay's hair. He didn't have to live with any of these people so it didn't really matter to him. He nipped at Jay's lip, half wanting to make him bleed.

Jay whimpered into the kiss, pressing his hands to King's cheeks, kissing back firmly, nipping him hard in return.

King bit hard into Jay's lip, smirking at the taste of blood. He licked it away from Jay's lip, purring as he did.

Jay winced, yet purred seconds later, curling his tongue around King's, sharing the blood with him. "Such a vampire." He teased. "Or a leech..."

"Vampire. I'm too pretty to be a leech," he purred, curling his tongue in return, running his fingers through Jay's hair, purring a little more.

Jay laughed softly against King's lips, before pulling away, licking at his bloodied lip.

King smiled and licked Jay's blood off his own lip, chuckling a moment later. "You always did like it when I made you bleed."

Jay flushed brightly. "Maybe a little bit..." He murmured, shifting a little.

King chuckled and paused a moment, reaching into his bag and withdrawing a large bar of chocolate. "Here. Eat it or give it to the kid. I don't care either way, really."

Jay's eyes went wide, a big, childish grin appearing. "Best. Brother. Ever!" He laughed, instantly unwrapping the bar to take a bite. "Mmm." He purred, sucking on the lump of chocolate in his mouth.

King chuckled and shifted to stand, pulling his bag over his shoulder and leaning to kiss Jay's forehead. "I'll look into getting one of those rooms. You be good, alright?"

Jay gave a nod, lacing his fingers with King's for a second. "Always. Give my love to Ace. And um... See you soon?"

King nodded, smiling lightly. "Write to me, Jay. You don't write enough." He smiled and kissed the back of Jay's hand before slipping away and heading to the exit.

Jay watched King leave, before gathering up his cigarettes, book and chocolate, heading back down to the cells.
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