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Who: Elliot Rosencroft and Travis Mutou
When: He arrives in the afternoon
Where: Mutou's office
What: Talking
Rating: PG-13

This was an embarrassment. How could HE of all people get pinned for jail time? Even if for only five years, why would he of all people have tax evasion. He PAID his taxes. Someone close to him must have swindled his money and information. That had to be it. Elliot Rosencraft did NOT have this happen. No, he didn't. He just sat in the warden's office, incredibly angry, annoyed, embarrassed, and ashamed of himself for not handling the filing himself for the years he had run Aquarius. It was a salt on a wound since those blasted twins went running from his gang. All of his secrets were laying open with Leolin and he was not thrilled.

"And then when that is taken care of, I need the Beidermier files sent to me." Mutou steps into his office after giving his new secretary a few instructions. "Get your private room?" He addresses Elliot, closing the door behind him.

"Yes. Thank you." He says while grumbling. "I suspect I'll be in here often since half these people have charges related to drugs. And you know who supplies the drugs."

Mutou locks the door then heads over to his desk. "I know, I know." He narrows his eyes. "This really complicates things, you know."

"As if I had a choice in the matter." He grumbles at Mutou.

Mutou folds his arms over his chest. "You certainly had control over your finantial matter, didn't you?" He shakes his head, moving around to sit behind his desk. "You got too caught up chasing those boys."

"No, I didn't." He glares. "I had people under me grabbing money. They've been dealt with. And of course, the federal government comes after me and not them since they skipped the country." Oh the resentment in his voice is killer. "Rest assured it's being dealt with."

Mutou nods, rubbing his chin. "Meanwhile you get a mini vacation here with me."

Elliot swept a long red hair back out of his face. "It isn't a vacation, it's a nuisance."

Mutou purses his lips. "Mmm. Well you -were- the one to get caught."

Mutou got the worst of looks from Elliot. "I explained to you I was set up."

Mutou stands up with a smirk before walking around to sit on his desk in front of Elliot. "Of course you were."

"And of course, you are an ass and won't believe me." He rests his hand under his chin, staring at him.

Mutou laughs. "I'm only giving you a hard time. We've been friends for how many years and you expect me not to?"

"I know. My lament is your amusement most of the time." He lets out a very annoyed huff. "So what do I do now, exactly? I can't operate from inside here unless you allow me to. The drug flow will be....cut off from your sellers, you know."

Mutou snorts. "Of course I'll allow it. What are you thinking?"

"That you actually will pick fun at me and play by government standards?" He raised a brow. "Just to be, you know, old time friends."

Mutou holds up both hands in surrender. "Ah, what can I say?" He tilts his head. "Is there aything you need while you have my attention?"

Elliot laughed soft. "Just let my daughter visit when she wants." He paused. "Oh and Linda too, it goes without saying."

Mutou leans over to hold a hand out. "Sure thing."

"I'm holding you to the verbal contract, Mutou." He says softly and grips his hand back, shaking.

"Don't forget the seal." He moves closer, pressing his lips to Elliot's.

He returned it, eyebrows raising. Lips sucking on Mutou's lower lip as he pulled away. "That was a little sudden."

Mutou chuckles. "It happens."

Elliot leaned towards his lips and whispers inches away, "I should go to my cell now, Warden Mutou I have been in here long enough."

Mutou smirks as he leans back again. "I'll see you then."

Rosencroft smiles back and gets to his feet, leaning over Mutou, near his lips once more. "Will you? Mmm...." He moves in closer, almost touching...almost. "I'll see you when that is." Elliot slowly moved away from his lips and turned and headed for the door. He knew how to frustrate his best friend to no end.

Mutou follows Elliot to the door. "There's something first."

"What would that be?" He doesn't turn around.

Mutou grins, pressing up behind Elliot as he reaches around him. "The door is locked."

His back becomes incredibly straight. It took a moment for the red head to start laughing. "Touché."

Mutou unlocks the door then presses his hand to Elliot's belly.

Elliot wouldn't allow himself to sink in any fit of tension. He did, however, lean back and nip at Mutou's lip, pushing backwards while turning the handle on the door. He left without any further contact with the man.
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