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Who: Squall & Balthier
When: Night, after an arguement
Where: Their cell
What: Making up
Rating: NC-17

He wasn't really sure what the argument had been about, now. He honestly didn't care anymore. Balthier was laid out, alone, in his bunk with his arm over his eyes. He'd thought that having Squall as his fiancée would be a good thing, but with how they argued and how they were... he was beginning to think they were better off as just lovers. Right then, however, Balthier was asleep, though it wasn't deep.

Squall tossed and turned, he couldn't relax. He couldn't remember what had caused the arguement, but it still plagued his thoughts. He gave a heavy sigh and jumped down from the top bunk, tugging at the corner of Balthier's blanket, lifting it up slightly to crawl under.

The movement made him wake and Balthier blinked slightly, lowering his arm from his eyes and looking to Squall. "...hm?"

Squall shifted to snuggle into Balthier's side, pouting at him slightly. "I'm sorry. I don't want us to fight anymore."

Balthier grunted sleepily and closed his eyes again, shifting his arm under his head, the other just resting on his own abdomen.

Squall pouted more, nudging Balthier's jaw with his nose. "Balth...."

The pirate looked to his fiancée, raising an eyebrow. "What? Do you need me to say something in particular?"

"At least say something...." Squall murmured, nipping at his jaw.

Balthier shivered slightly, closing his eyes. "Go to sleep." He murmured in reply, not wanting to expect anything from Squall but cuddles.

Squall continued to nibble and kiss along Balthier's jaw. "Not until you tell me we're okay."

"We are fine, so long as you stop that." He nudged at Squall's cheek with his nose, slipping an arm around the smaller man's waist.

Squall huffed a little. "Why do you want me to stop?"

"Because it will make me want you and it is late." He replied softly, looking at him in the dark with greyish eyes.

Squall pressed his lips against Balthier's, kissing him firmly, snaking his arms around the other's neck.

Balthier returned the firm kiss, resting a hand on Squall's cheek, furrowing his brow.

Squall shifted further onto the bed, rolling to lay on his back, pulling Balthier on top of him.

The pirate pulled back from the kiss, looking to Squall. "You had best not complain of being tired in the morning." He murmured.

Squall looked up at Balthier with 'come fuck me' eyes. "As if I would." He purred.

Balthier raised an eyebrow, brushing back Squall's chocolate coloured locks, leaning in to nip his lip. "You have before." He smirked before reaching past Squall for a belt he had.

Squall wriggled a little. "Hmph. Well I won't this time."

Balthier licked Squall's lips lightly, soon dragging the belt down Squall's chest. He set it aside and pulled his lover's t-shirt off then lowered in, slipping his tongue between the smaller man's lips.

Squall shivered a little, circling his tongue around Balthier's, wrapping a leg around the ma's waist to pull him in closer.

Balthier continued to distract Squall with the kiss before taking his hands and binding them to the bed frame with the belt. He broke the kiss and pulled the belt tight, enough to cause slight discomfort.

Squall gave a panicked squeak, tugging at the restraint a little. "W-what are you doing?" He asked, blinking up at Balthier.

A wicked grin came to his lips but he nuzzled Squall's ear lovingly. "Do not panic. I shan't do anything you do not like." He murmured, his tongue soon slipping into Squall's ear.

Squall gasped softly and wriggled, tugging at his restraints more. "I... I trust you, Balth."

Balthier nipped Squall's earlobe before moving from the bed and collecting a few things. He took a bottle of lube, Squall's lighter and a cigarette, lighting up the cancer stick and holding it between his lips as he moved to the bed again.

Squall blinked at looked at Balthier, frowning. "Balth... what are you doing with that?!" He wrinkled up his nose at the smell of smoke.

He took a long drag, exhaling the smoke before slipping the cigarette between his lover's lips. "Hold that there." He smirked and began to unfasten Squall's pants. "If you drop it, I will be burnt."

Squall wrinkled his nose more, holding the cigarette with his teeth rather than his lips, biting into the filter slightly.

Balthier dipped his head and flicked his tongue at the tip of Squall's length before lubing his hand and stroking Squall's cock slowly and teasingly.

Squall gasped and squirmed, biting down on the cigarette harder. He exhaled a mouthful of smoke with a slight cough, wriggling a little, causing ash to drop onto his chest.

Balthier blew the ash from his lover's chest, touching him lightly and tormentingly slow as he stroked that length. Balthier leaned in and licked at Squall's nipple, biting it playfully.

Squall whimpered and arched his back. "Ngh..." He wrapped his tongue around the cigarette, turning it until the lit end was in his mouth. He pressed it against his tongue, extinguishing it with a groan, before spitting it out.

Balthier pressed his hands to the sheets, both balled into fists as he did. He glared at the younger man, biting his lip hard. "How naughty of you. I told you to hold that there." Balthier grasped a handful of Squall's hair, tugging it back hard.

Squall growled up at Balthier, eyes narrowing into a harsh glare.

Balthier purred, biting at the smaller man's neck, his tongue dragging up Squall's Adam's apple. "You should never disobey me, Squall..." He murmured, his voice full of warning.

Squall kept his glare fixed on Balthier, despite a low moan escaping him. "Then do not give such disgusting orders."

"Why not? You used to chain smoke, baby. What changed?" He bit hard into Squall's neck, fingers trailing over the head of his dick.

Squall's eyes rolled back, a soft mewl escaping him as he arched into Balthier's touch. "Ngh~ I met you."

"And how did that stop your smoking?" He gave another hard tug to Squall's hair, biting and sucking at a single place on Squall's neck, leaving a mark and soon moving to make another then another.

"Ngh~" Squall wriggled more, gasping soft. "You... didn't like it, so I quit..."

"I did not mind that you smoked. I just worried for your health." Balthier removed Squall's pants entirely then moved from the bed, taking hold of a broom handle and two small scarves, fixing the bar behind each of the man's knees and tying them in place to keep his legs spread.

Squall blinked a little shocked, his body tensing at the broom. He swallowed hard, looking at Balthier a little afraid.

The larger man leaned in and kissed his little lover on the lips. "Do not give me that look, my heart will melt." He murmured, teasing a lubed finger down Squall's scrotum.

Squall's bottom lip began to jut out into a pout. "Ah... you're such a tease." He whimpered, tugging at the restraints.

Poking gently at that bottom lip with his free index finger, Balthier smirked, chuckling lightly. "I just wish to please you, love." He purred.

Squall tugged at the restraints again, before wiggling his feet. "Hm. If I didn't know better, I'd say you planned this whole thing." He purred in reply.

"Well, after your little performance earlier, I'd planned on sleeping well, this evening." He murmured, teasing his finger between Squall's supple buttocks, rocking gently.

Squall gave a soft gasp, rolling his head back to pant softly. "Ngh... funny... you don't look very asleep to me."

"Well, you came crawling into my bed. I am no fool, I make the most of it when you are in a submissive mood." He smirked, pressing the tip of his finger inside him.

"Make the most? Take advantage more like." Squall teased, arching his hips to press back against that finger.

Balthier grasped a handful of Squall's hair again, tugging his head back. "If you wish me to take advantage of you, I could be a lot more unkind, Leonhart." He all but growled.

The corner of Squall's mouth tugged into a smirk. "Oh? I dare you." He purred.

Balthier raised an eyebrow and removed the end of his finger, thrusting two inside with a cruel force. His free hand came to grip Squall's jaw hard. "Do not put that challenge in front of me."

Squall growled, gritting his teeth. "Ngh!" He squeezed his eyes shut, his hands balling into fists.

Balthier watched the expression on his lover's face, aroused and regretful to it at the same time. He loved seeing Squall like this but hated hurting him.

Squall squeezed around those fingers, opening his eyes to fix his gaze on Balthier. He rolled his head slightly to snap at Balthier's hand with his teeth.

Balthier instinctively raised his hand and slapped Squall hard, grasping a handful of hair and flicking his tongue at Squall's lips. "Do not bite, bitch." He purred spitefully.

Squall let out a pained sound as he was slapped, biting at Balthier's tongue.

Balthier winced and raised his hand, slapping Squall again. "I have told you once, Squall." He curled his fingers inside, thrusting them and slipping a third in quite forcefully.

Squall turned his face away, a red mark forming on his cheek. He squeezed his eyes shut, squeaking in pain as that third finger pushed into him.

Balthier leaned to his ear, kissing gently. "If it is too much, say so, my love." He whispered, but a moment later he continued with the movement of his hand, his other curling around Squall's length.

Squall gave a nod and swallowed hard, rocking his hips softly.

Balthier slowed the fingers inside him, only to press on Squall's prostate a moment later. His other hand's thumb paid particular attention to the tip of Squall's cock.

Squall gasped and squeaked, rolling his hips, not sure if he was trying to escape the sensations or get more.

The pirate removed his hands, leaving Squall hanging for a moment as he stripped off his own clothing. After a moment more, he lubed his own length, pressing the tip to Squall's waiting opening. A smirk came to his lips as he stayed there, not pushing in but rocking against him.

Squall whimpered, his fingers tensing and flexing, clawing at the restraints. "Ngh~ Balth... please." He rocked his hips, pushing against Balthier.

Balthier chuckled playfully, pressing gentle and teasing kissed to the inside of Squall's knee. "Please what?"

Squall's foot jerked slightly, tensing. "Please... please fuck me..."

His tongue dragged over Squall's knee, a nip coming a moment later. "Not good enough. Make me want to, Squall. Make me crave you." He purred, still rocking against him, his fingers brushing the tip of his length.

Squall shivered, his cock jumping under Balthier's touch. "Ngh~ please... fuck me Balth, make me scream your name, fuck me into the bed!"

Balthier smirked and leaned in to nip Squall's lower lip. "Good boy." He purred, being careful as he eased himself inside his lover.

Squall mewled as Balthier pushed himself inside. "Ngh~ so good. Fuck me, fuck me like I'm a naughty little bitch."

Balthier felt his cock practically twitch at Squall's words and he leaned down, biting his neck lightly. "You are so damn sexy, Squall..." He purred, untying the binds at his knees and sliping the pole away to let Squall have use of his legs again.

Squall gasped and moaned, rolling his head to the side to expose his throat. Even though the pole was removed, Squall kept his legs obediently in place, despite the slight discomfort. "Ngh~ I'm a bad little slut, punish me."

Balthier bit harder at Squall's neck, a hand sliding down his back and gripping his buttock as he thrust hard, fucking his lover roughly. "Mn... keep talking..."

"I'm your bitch, mark me, break me, claim me. I've been so bad, punish me!" He groaned, his hands tensing and flexing. "Fuck me harder."

Balthier groaned slightly, moving harder into Squall, leaving no room for gentleness as he fucked his lover spitefully, yet repeatedly kissing his skin with a sweetness.

Squall finally moved his legs a little to rest them at Balthier's sides. "God! Balth! More! Please!!" He growled, bucking his hips to meet the other's thrusts.

Balthier reached to remove the belt binding Squall's hands now, wishing to feel his lover's grip. "Ngh~ Gods..." He thrust hard into Squall, the bunks rattling as they moved, his body coated in a light sweat.

Squall kept his hands where they were, playing the role of slave as best he could. He was achingly hard, enjoying this power game more than he cared to admit. He mewled in pleasure, rocking against Balthier.

Balthier took Squall's hands and wrapped them around his own back, leaning to kiss him hard. "Tell me more, Squall. Tell me what you want." He purred.

Squall raked his nails over Balthier's back lightly. "Ngh~ fuck me harder, make me scream, make me come so hard I can't see."

Balthier moaned low, his eyes shut tightly as he arched his back. "Hnn... Gods..." He could feel his climax rushing fast to him as Squall spoke, each word shoving him closer to the edge.

Squall bucked his hips. "Gods Balth.... touch me, please master, make me come." He growled lustfully.

Balthier curled his hand around Squall's cock, stroking it with expertise as he fucked his lover, angling for his prostate, his teeth biting and nipping as he sucked his neck to create several bruises.

Squall groaned and mewled, his whole body shivering and shuddering, every muscle twitching. He was so close to his limit. He bit down on his lip, hard enough to draw blood, panting hard. "C-can I come... master?"

Balthier moaned into Squall's neck, soon looking into those stormy blue eyes with his own equally storm-filled ones. "Come with me." He purred, licking the blood from Squall's lips before slipping his tongue inside his delicious mouth.

Squall kissed Balthier hard and rough, clinging to him as they moved together, seemingly as one. He panted and moaned against the man's mouth, screaming out his name as his orgasm hit, his seed spilling over Balthier's hand and their stomachs.

Balthier kissed back just as forcefully, his hands gripping his lover's waist hard as he came at the very same moment Squall did. He groaned low against the smaller man's neck as he released hard inside Squall, filling him with his seed, his teeth sinking into Squall's shoulder.

Squall gasped at the sensations, his entire body feeling like it was on fire. He dropped back against the bed, trying to catch his breath. He was bruised, bloodied and thoroughly fucked, and he loved it!

Balthier lifted slightly, but made no attempt to pull out, instead petting Squall's hair lovingly, watching his face as he rested his head on his free hand. "You look so beautiful." He murmured.

Squall flushed a little, threading his fingers through Balthier's hair. "I'm okay to talk freely, now?" He teased.

"I never once said you could not." He replied, nudging Squall's nose with his own. "I just did not wish for you to give me attitude." He teased back.

Squall smiled against Balthier's lips, letting out a groan. "Ngh~ I think you broke me." He teased.
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