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Who: Squall and Balthier
When: Afternoon
Where: Their cell
What: Talking and teasing
Rating: R

Squall made his way back to his cell. His lip was split, his eyebrow busted and his nose bloodied. He wiped his face on a damp towel, clicking his jaw with a wince.

Balthier was stretched out on the lower bunk, one arm under his head, the other hand brushing the floor as he slept. At the sound of Squall entering the cell, he stirred slightly.

Squall stripped off his bloodied shirt and moved over to the bunk, sitting beside Balthier, reaching out to touch his face lightly.

At his touch, the pirate flinched, twitching slightly before blinking his eyes open. At first, he smiled, Squall's image being blurred but soon enough, he saw the split on his lip and the bruising from his bloodied nose. "...what happened?"

Squall chuckled a little, wincing at the pain in his face. "I was boxing with this guy in the gym... We got a little carried away."

Balthier shifted to sit up, brushing his thumb lightly over Squall's lip before trailing feather-soft touches to the bruises. "Who was he?"

Squall closed his eyes, leaning into the light touches. "I dunno, some guy from C Block." He rested his hand on Balthier's chest.

"Describe him to me." He murmured, brushing his lips lightly over Squall's bruised face. It was quite obvious he wanted to know who he needed to beat the living tar out of.

"It's not important. He looks just as bad as me. Worse even. I think I broke his nose." Squall chuckled again and flopped against Balthier's chest.

Balthier curled his arms around Squall, not caring if any remaining blood got onto his white t-shirt. Kissing Squall's head, he sighed heavily.

Squall lifted his head, pressing his lips to Balthier's, not caring about the stinging pain of his lip.

Balthier returned the kiss, pulling Squall closer. "I do so wish you'd not fight anyone but me. At least then, I shall know who has harmed you..."

Squall tucked his head under Balthier's chin. "It wasn't really fighting..."

"What would you call it, then?" He lay back on the bed, guiding Squall back with him, keeping that brunette's head under his chin.

Squall flopped on top of Balthier, nuzzling more. "Well... it was fighting... But it was boxing... With gloves and mouth pieces and everything."

"I dislike it when you are hurt." He murmured, petting Squall's hair, pulling the blanket over both of them. At that thought of Squall being hurt, the pirate took hold of Squall's arm, turning it to see his wrist.

Squall frowned and tried to tug his wrist away. "What are you doing?" He asked, tugging more.

"Your reaction gives me the answers I need. You've been harming yourself, have you not?" He frowned at the other man, sighing softly.

Squall pouted and held his wrists to his chest. "I haven't!"

"Show me? Prove it to me." He murmured, his eyes fixed on his lover's blue ones.

Squall frowned and turned his arms over, exposing his wrists. They were covered in angry red marks, but none of them were fresh.

The pirate ran his fingers gently over the marks before pressing a kiss to the inside of his wrists. "Good boy." He murmured, pulling Squall close again.

Squall flushed and nuzzled against Balthier. "You didn't trust me, did you?"

"Honestly... no. I didn't believe you would leave your wrists alone. Yet, I wonder about cuts in other places." He frowned, knowing a lot of self-harmers cut their thighs, too.

Squall frowned and grabbed Balthier's wrist, biting at one of his fingers with a huff.

"Ah!" It was a sound crossed between a moan and a pained reaction to the bite and Balthier pulled his hand away, glaring a little.

Squall offered him an oh so innocent smile.

"Child." He grumbled, shifting beneath Squall to lay on his stomach again, burying his face in the pillow.

Squall shifted to lay on his stomach as well, but on top of Balthier's back, using the other man as a mattress.

The larger male wriggled then shifted to lay on his side, nudging Squall off him with a huff.

Squall flopped onto the bed beside him. "I was comfy."

"I was not." He replied in rather a snappy tone, shifting away from the smaller man.

Squall frowned a little and sat up, before moving off of the bed to sit at the desk.

The pirate rolled over, looking at Squall, frowning slightly. "You give up so easily? I thought you stronger than that." He teased, looking at his lover with a soft smile.

Squall pouted. "You snapped at me. I'd rather not fight with you."

"You take me too seriously." Brushing the blankets aside, Balthier stood from the bed, dressed in but a t-shirt and boxer shorts. He crossed the cell, curling his arms around Squall's neck and nuzzling his ear lightly. "Come back to bed with me, love."

Squall slipped his arms around Balthier's waist, resting his chin on the man's chest, looking up at him. "What if I do not wish to?"

Balthier raised an eyebrow before slipping a hand under Squall's knees and scooping him up. "It was not a suggestion, but an order." At that, he carried him towards the bunks.

Squall gave a less than manly squeak, eyes widening a little. He wriggled in Balthier's arms, trying to free himself.

Balthier chuckled and placed Squall down on the bottom bunk, kneeling over him and pressing him to the mattress with a hand to his shoulder.

Squall grabbed a handful of Balthier's shirt, dragging him down almost forcefully. "Get down here and kiss me then!"

The pirate laughed and bit Squall's lower lip hard to reprimand him for the pulling. After that, he snaked his tongue between the brunette's lips, making a soft purring sound against them.

Squall rolled his tongue against Balthier's, teasing the other's with his own. He purred into the kiss, snaking his hand down to the hem of Balthier's shirt, pulling it up enough to stroke his stomach.

The slightly older male made a soft sound in reply to that hand, his own brushing down the smaller man's chest, his fingertips teasing the surface of his nipple.

Squall gave a soft moan against Balthier's lips, spidering his fingers over Balthier's stomach to stroke the part of his blonde treasure trail exposed over the waistband of his boxers.

Balthier leaned to Squall's ear, nibbling slightly before licking inside it. With a gentle nudge to his ear with his own nose, Balthier smirked. "You are so incredibly arousing, Squall. I'd like nothing more than to undress you slowly and make love to you, tasting every part of you." He murmured at no louder than a whisper.

Squall flushed a little, slipping his fingers below the waistband of Balthier's boxers to trace more of that soft hair. "Mm. So why aren't you?"

Balthier gave a rather wicked smirk then, a little breathy at the feel of those fingers against his blonde curls. "Because first, I'd rather prefer some attention from your delicious mouth." He nipped Squall's earlobe quite hard. "Suck me." He whispered.

Squall gave Balthier a smirk of his own. "Okay then." He started to shift down the bed, but then stopped, grabbing Balthier's wrist to draw two digits into his mouth.

Yanking his hand away, he took a handful of Squall's hair and tugged his head back, leaning to bite his neck hard. "You dare attempt to tease my hands again and I shall do things you shan't enjoy."

Squall gave a sharp moan, hardening a little at the bite. He nudged his knee against Balthier's groin. "What kind of things?"

Balthier groaned slightly. "Nh... I shall slap you hard across your face, Squall. Do not test me on this. I dislike my hands being abused." He murmured, being rather serious about it.

Squall reached for Balthier's hands, curling his fingers around the other man's. "If I were to lick them, you shall slap me, correct?" He murmured, drawing their hands to his mouth.

"Mm. I am giving fair warning. If they are touched by your tongue or your lips, I shall slap you. Exceedingly hard."

Squall snaked his tongue out to tease Balthier's fingertips.

Without hesitation, Balthier snatched his hand away and brought it down across Squall's face, slapping him hard.

Squall growled and grabbed a handful of Balthier's shirt, slamming his back into the wall, crushing his lips to the other man's.

The pirate growled in reply, biting at Squall's lip, soon flicking his tongue at the place he'd bitten, his hands pressed hard to Squall's back.

Squall winced a little as his lip was bitten but made no attempt to break the kiss. He moved a hand to Balthier's hair, tugging it slightly.

Balthier gripped Squall's shoulders and slammed him hard against the mattress, straddling his waist and yanking his own t-shirt off before coming down to bite and kiss hard at the younger male's throat.

Squall growled and once more grabbed Balthier's hair, tugging him into another rough kiss. "Ngh~"

Balthier kissed back, grasping Squall's hands and pinning them above his head, their fingers laced as he ground his body hard against the smaller male.

Squall's fingers tensed and relaxed, twitching slightly as he ground back against Balthier, moaning loud.

Shifting his position slightly, he released one of Squall's hands to pull the smaller man's leg over his hip, able to grind himself harder against his lover's body.

Squall's moans grew louder as he pushed back against Balthier, trying to get as much as that wonderful friction as possible. "Ngh~ Balth..."

"Hnn... you are such a masochist." He murmured, gripping his hands and slowing his hips to make the grinding more purposeful.

Squall growled in pleasure. "Ngh~ So good~" He purred, eyes fixing on Balthier's.

Balthier moved against Squall, breathing shakily, nipping and licking his neck lovingly as he moaned to the sensations.

Squall's whole body trembled as he writhed beneath Balthier. He was rock hard and already close to the edge, just from this.

The pirate took Squall's hands again, using them as leverage somewhat, grinding harder against Squall, knowing his climax was coming to him.

Squall writhed more, panting hard. "Ngh~ Ah~ Balth... s-stop or I'll come..."

"Come, love. I shall do whatever you wish to make you come again and again." He murmured, sliding one hand down Squall's thigh.

Squall flushed bright, arching his hips off the bed, pushing against Balthier. "Ngh~ Fuck!!" He growled hard, grabbing onto Balthier's shoulders as he came inside his pants.


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