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Who: Sen, Thakory & Sword
When: Day
Where: Infirmary
What: The aftermath of Sen’s session with Thakory
Rating: NC-17

Sen walked along the corridor, heading straight to the Infirmary. He had heard a rumour that Sword was there, and even if things weren't perfect between them right now, he was still concerned. He pushed the doors open and stepped inside.

Sword was in one of the beds and a couple people, including Damon, were working on him. It looked really bad. Sitting on one of the other beds was Thakory. One of the staff was stitching up a long slice up his forearm and Thakory kept playing with his split bottom lip.

Sen blinked in surprise. He swallowed hard, not liking the sight in front of him. "What the Hell happened?" He asked, walking in further.

Damon looked up for a split second before continuing to work on the unconscious Sword again, "Now's not a good time, Sen...." He said as he fought to control Sword's blood flow.

Sen moved closer, ducking through the medical crowd to llok at Sword, his eyes widening. "Sword?!" He looked at Damon. "What happened?" He looked over at Thakory. "Thak? What's going on??"

One of the guards had to come and hold Sen back, so the staff could do their job.

Thakory shrugged a little, "I don't know. He just came at me."

Sen growled a little, pulling away from the guard. "Okay, okay! I'll stand back!!" He looked at Thakory again. "He came at you? Yet he's the one almost dead?!?"

Thakory shrugged again, "I just started fighting back and..... I didn't really mean to hurt him as much as I did."

Sen growled a little, rubbing his temples. "Shit..." He moved a little closer to Sword's bed. "Is he going to pull through?"

"He might have a chance if you back off, Sen," Damon said, sounding annoyed.

Sen moved back, pacing a little, arms folded behind his head.

The nurse that was stitching up Thakory finished and left the room to clean up.

Sen moved to sit on Thakory's bed. "What the Hell did you even do to him to make him end up like that?"

"Fucked you." Thakory said simply, "I thought you said you two were over?"

Sen frowned and rested his head in his hands. "I thought we were..."

"Well, next time I'd like it if you kept me out of your drama."

"Sorry..." He sighed and watched the doctors work on Sword.

"Usually, I don't care but in a place like this..... Just leave me out of it."


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