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Who: Sen & Thakory
When: Day
Where: Tattoo Shop, and then a random passageway
What: Sen wants Thakory
Rating: NC-17

Sen made his way towards the tattoo shop. He was fuming with anger at the rumour he had heard about Sword. After everything they had been through, to have it thrown in his face like that! It made his blood boil. He closed the door behind him, walking over to Thakory, grabbing him, and kissing him firmly.

Thakory immediately pushed Sen away, fist coming up to punch him. Luckily, he saw who it was before his fist made contact. He stopped himself and lowered his fist, "Sen. What the hell are you doing? Don't ever do that to me again!" He looked a little frightened.

Sen cupped the other man's cheek. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." He leaned in, kissing Thakory again. "Is that better?"

Thakory stepped back, "No," He was shaking and as hard he was trying not to, one could still see it visibly.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to. No need to fear me. I just want you."

"Sen. Stop. Don't talk to me like that." He took in a shaky breath, "I have a problem with guys talking to me like that..."

Sen ran a finger along Thakory's cheek. "You're so different to most the guys in here. You're far... more special."

"Sen. Stop it!" He pushed the other away, "Seriously. If you are my friend and respect me you'll stop."

Sen frowned a little and lowered his hand. "I'm sorry. You're right, I have no right to force myself on you."

"Thank you," But Thakory didn't let his guard down, "I just.... like I said I have a problem with men doing that to me."

Sen flopped into a chair. "Here? Or before? If people give you trouble here, let me know!"

"Anywhere. But it stems from before I arrived here."

"Wanna talk about it?" Sen asked, putting his feet up on the chair.

Thakory chuckled, "Did it ever occur to you that I may be straight?"

Sen gave a soft laugh, running a hand through his hair. "I guess it didn't. You get used to seeing guys going after anything that moves down here that... you kinda forget guys are straight."

Thakory nodded, "I'm not though. Well, not completely."

"Oh? Bisexual then?" Sen asked, tilting his head to look at Thakory.

Thakory nodded, "When the mood strikes me," He moved to sit on the counter, "It's hard for me to...... be with a man."

"To submit to a man, or just to be with a man in general?" Sen asked, rocking in his seat a little.


"Well... why not be the um... 'man' when it comes to that, then? It's not really so different to sleeping with women."

"For me it is. And I am always the top, by the way."

"Heh. You don't strike me as the topping type." Sen replied with a laugh.

"Oh? You don't think so? Well, I don't blame you, I am always kinda looking over my shoulder trying to protect my ass down here. If you had met me on the surface there would be no doubt in your mind that I was."

"You should show me sometime." Sen tilted his head more. "If you're up to the challenge, of course."

Thakory shook his head, "What part of 'I have a hard time being with men' don't you understand?"

"Pretend I'm a woman?"

"I said 'no'." Thakory's eyes are hard.

"Okay, Okay. I'm sorry." He shifted in his chair. "So, why do you have such a hard time?"

Thakory frowned, "It's a long story."

"I have plenty of time."

"It's a story that only the closest of my friends know." He frowned deeper, "Do you know why I'm in here?"

"I guess I don't. I don't really pay much attention to people's crimes."

"I killed my father."

"Ouch. How come? Did you guys hate each other?"

"You could say that. I've hated my father since I was 5," He paused, "I killed him because I found him on top of my sister."

Sen blinked, coughing a little to hide his shock. "...I... see. That must have been pretty disturbing... I'd probably have killed him too."

Thakory nodded and then waited for it to sink to Sen. Why he hated his father since he was 5 and why he had a hard time being with men.

Sen scrunched up his nose, shifting in his seat uneasily. "Well... not all men are like that...."

"No. But I still have trust issues. You try doing it for 7 years and not."

"I guess..." Sen frowned a little. "Sorry. Didn't mean to bring up memories and make you feel uneasy."

"Sen.... you made me feel uneasy the second you kissed me."

"I'm sorry." Sen repeated.

"Why did you kiss me anyway?"

"I told you. I want you. Simple as that."

"Why? Did you and Sword break up?"

"He slept with someone else, so, you could say that."

"So I'm the rebound?"

"I didn't say that! You're cute. You're a good guy. Far better than any other down here."

Thakory chuckled, "I don't do relationships."

"I didn't mention a relationship. How about a one time thing, between friends?"

"I don't think you want that."

"Why not?" Sen asked, once more rocking a little.

"To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps, it's because I'm not like anyone you've ever slept with. I do things differently."

"Differently... how?" Sen asked, tilting his head. "You into some kind of kink?"

Thakory chuckled, "Actually, I'm into a lot of different kinks, but that's not what I meant."

"Well then. Why not explain exactly what you do mean."

Thakory thought for a moment. He was horny; there was no denying that. He hadn't had sex since he was down here, 6 months. To Thakory, it may as well have been 50 years, "If I do, you cannot go anywhere near my ass."

"Okay, no touching your ass. I get it. I'm used to those kind of rules." Sen replied with a chuckle.

Thakory nodded, "Good." He took a step forward and moved to kiss Sen but just as their lips were about touch he pulled away and nipped his neck.

Sen sucked in a breath. "Now that's pure teasing." He purred, reaching up to thread his fingers through Thakory's hair.

"Yeah. And?"

"No complaints. Just saying." Sen replied, pulling him into a kiss.

Thakory nipped Sen's lips, "Are you sure you're up for this?"

"I'm up for anything. Do your worst."

"Wanna go somewhere else?" He pointed to the cameras in his shop.

Sen gave a nod and stood up, offering his hand to Thakory. "Sure. Let's go."

Thakory ignored the hand and walked out of the shop, locking it behind him, "You know this place better than I."

Sen nodded once more. "Okay then. Follow me." He walked along the corridor, turning to duck into a passageway.

Thakory followed.

Sen made a grab for Thakory's arm, pulling him into a kiss.

Thakory pulled away after a moment, "So. What do you like?"

"I dunno. I like all kinds of things. Never really thought about it that much. I usually don't get the choice to think."

"Well, now you do."

Sen gave a chuckle and leaned against the wall. "Oh? I thought you were going to show me your multitude of kinks?"

Thakory shook his head, "No. Not now." Thakory traced his finger down Sen's arm, but he did it in such a way that would have made Sen's cock jump.

Sen shuddered. He sucked in a breath and chewed on his bottom lip. "Well then. Perhaps we should find out what makes us tick."

"I know what makes me tick." He pulled off Sen's shirt and smoothed his hands over Sen's torso. His touches were like no other. It was like he knew exactly where to touch to make the other feel as though he could cum right there.

Sen closed his eyes, letting out a soft groan. "Ah. Talented hands. Artist's hands, hm?" He nudged his knee between Thakory's legs, rocking it against his groin.

"You could say that. But i also have a lot of practice in this area."

"Mm. It shows." Sen purred, leaning in to steal a kiss, rocking his knee more.

Thakory moaned, "Sen..... Ha~" He purred against the other's lips, "Make me cum."

Sen gave a nod and pulled away slightly, dropping to his knees.

Thakory watched the other with lust in his eyes.

Sen unfastened Thakory's pants, slipping his hand inside to free the man's length. He leaned in, taking it into his mouth.

Thakory gasped and threaded his hands in the other's hair.

Sen teased him with his tongue, flicking the ridge lightly, before taking him further into his mouth.

Thakory began to pant. He closed his eyes, he couldn't watch Sen. Even though he knew he was very much attracted to men, The memories of his father tainted him. MAde him feel disgusting when he was with a man.

Sen began to bob his head, humming lightly as he wrapped his hand around the base of Thakory's cock.

Thakory started to moan softly as he leaned his head against the wal.

Sen slipped his hand down further to cup Thakory's balls, teasing them with his fingers as he pleasured him.

Thakory started to pant heavier until finally he released into Sen's mouth with a soft grunt.

Sen swallowed, pulling away as he wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, sitting back on his knees.

Thakory leaned against the wall and panted. He reached down and pulled sen to his feet before pulling him into a kiss.

Sen kissed back, resting his hands on the wall, either side of Thakory's head, plunging his tongue into the other's mouth.

Thakory kissed back as he turned them around and pinned Sen to the wall. He rocked his hips against Sen's with a low moan.

Sen let out a moan of his own, the sound muffled against Thakory's lips. He slipped his arms around Thakory's neck, rolling his hips to meet the other's.

Thakory moved to nip Sen's ear and neck with his very skilled mouth, "What do you want?"

Sen rolled his head to the side, exposing more flesh to Thakory, letting out a moan. "Must you ask?"


Sen slipped his hand between their bodies, rocking it against Thakory's groin. "I want you."

Thakory took of Sen's shirt and dropped the man's pants. He traced his fingertips over his body and hips.

Sen shuddered a little under the teasing touch, lowering his gaze away from Thakory's face.

Thakory started kissing down Sen's chest, stomach and kissed his hips and around his groin, being careful no to touch his cock.

Sen leant back against the wall, letting out another moan, digging his heels against the floor. "Ngh~ good."

Thakory stood back up and kissed Sen again, hooking one of Sen's leg around his waist, "You ready?"

Sen leaned in, tugging Thakory's bottom lip with his teeth, nibbling on it for a moment, before leaning back with a nod. "Yes."

Thakory guided himself to Sen's entrance before he started to push in very gently.

A gasp caught in Sen's throat. He rested his hands on Thakory's shoulders, taking a calming breath, before relaxing himself to allow Thakory inside him more.

Thakory pushed in all the way before kissing Sen and letting him adjust. He began to thrust into Sen. He moved in perfect motion. Not to hard, not to soft. Just right and enough to drive Sen crazy.

Sen kissed back, tangling his hands in Thakory's hair. "God~ ngh..." He panted soft, rolling his hips a little to meet Thakory's thrusts.

Thakory continued to thrust as he nipped at Sen's neck.

Sen slipped a hand between them, wrapping it around his already leaking cock. He moaned in pleasure, rolling his head to one side.

Thakory picked up his speed ever so slightly as he continued to mark up Sen's neck.

"Ngh~ Thak... close~" Sen was already close to his limit. He stroked himself quicker, body shuddering and tensing in pleasure.

Thakory nipped Sen's ear, "then cum." He whispered hotly.

And he did. The combination of Thakory's words and actions drove Sen to orgasm. He came hard, tensing around Thakory's length.

Thakory came after Sen with a grunt. HE slumped forward a little, panting.

Sen tried to catch his breath, leaning back against the wall for support. "Mm. You're as good as you said you were."

"Did you think I was lying," Thakory chuckled.

Sen wiped his hand against his leg, shifting a little. "Honestly? Yes. It was a pleasant surprise."
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