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Who: Lucas & Sky
What: Sky visits Lucas
Where: Infirmary
When: Late evening
Rating: PG-13

Sky had been waiting in the cell for Lucas, for his master, but he didn't return. With a worried expression, he searched each of Lucas' other hang-outs before trembling as he entered to infirmary. He shuddered lightly, his journal long forgotten in their cell. The book meant little to him compared to his lover.

Lucas was laid on a bed, connected up to various machines and monitors. The stab wound had been severe, but the doctors had managed to patch him up and now he was drifting in and out of consciousness, filled with painkilling drugs.

At the sight, Sky's mouth hung open a little and a choked gasp came from him. He stepped slowly, his bare feet on the sterilised floors, and soon the puppy curled to sit on the edge of Lucas' bed. "...Lucas...?"

Lucas blinked his eyes open, shifting a little, groaning in discomfort as he did. He tugged at the medical equipment covering his mouth, pulling it away. "Sky..."

"Who...... he did this, didn't he?" His eyes narrowed as he reached a hand to pet through Lucas' long hair. He wasn't sure how hurt he was but that man would pay.

Lucas chuckled a little, holding his side as he did, groaning again. "Heh... Slipped on my fork, that's all."

Sky frowned, shaking his head hard. "Don’t lie to me. Not now."

Lucas fumbled for Sky's hand, trying to grasp it. "My spleen. He stabbed me..."

The boy squeezed that hand, his eyes filling with tears. "You... are you going to...?" He couldn't get that last word out.

Lucas smiled weakly. "And abandon you? Never. I'll be fine. I promise."

"Why...? Why did he do this? His problem is with me, not you. You only protected me... it makes no sense." His eyes couldn't hold that liquid and tears strayed down his face.

Lucas moved his hand to pet those tears away with his thumb, "I assume he was trying to hurt you through me. or... he's still pissed about what happened."

Sky shook his head, sniffling a little. "It's all my fault. If I'd just let him own me, if I'd let him beat me... if I'd just let him rape me... things would never have come to this."

Lucas growled a little and tried to sit up, gritting his teeth in pain. "Don't say that!!"

The boy's hands pressed Lucas, by his shoulders, back into the bed. "Just... relax. I'm not going to do anything stupid. Well, more stupid. I... I'm sorry for causing more trouble."

Lucas relaxed a little and held onto Sky's hand. "I love you, Sky. Keep yourself out of trouble, okay?"

"Nn..." He looked away, unable to promise that. No, in fact, his first instinct was to finish the job he'd started. To kill that Romanian.

Lucas squeezed his hand a little. "Sky...please... promise me?"

Sky scrunched his face, looking to his knees, his hand trembling in Lucas' hold. "I... can't do that, Lucas."

Lucas closed his eyes, holding onto Sky's hand more. "Please Sky... I don't want to lose you. Be a good pup until I get out of here to protect you."

"I refuse to let this lie. He wants death, hm? Then he'll die by my hands... mn... my teeth." His eyes were sharp, despite the tears.

Lucas sighed and pulled Sky against him, despite the pain of his wound. "No killing. They'll put you to death."

Sky leaned to kiss Lucas' cheek lightly. "Better I die by the injection than for him to kill me inside first." He murmured.

Lucas let out a sad sigh. "If you die, I'll die too."

"If he doesn't get put down, he'll kill you, Lucas. I can't let that happen." He murmured.

"I'll be prepared next time. I won't let him injure me again, pup."

"I don't... trust that you can keep safe from him. You'll become emotional because I'm involved." He lightly licked Lucas' cheek, just like a puppy.

Lucas ruffled Sky's hair. "I'll be fine. If he comes near me, I'll kill him."

"I hope so. It has to end... with one of us dead." At that, he rested beside his lover.

Lucas frowned, petting the boy more, like a small pup.


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