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Who: Issack & Lucas
When: Evening
Where: Cafeteria
What: Fighting
Rating: R

After thinking, Issack came to the conclusion that the best way to fuck with Sky, is to mess up his cellmate. So, after the evening meal, Isaack moved up to sky, shiv in hand, hidden in his pocket, grinning wide. "Hi"

Lucas drummed his fork against the table, before jamming it into his leftover food. He rose an eyebrow. "Can I help you?"

"I can say so." With a swift movement, he pushed so that Lucas was facing him completely, before he shoved the shiv into his belly, making sure to nick the spleen. The internal bleeding would be massive if had hit right on. Now, with the nick, he would not bleed out at once, but if he did not seek medical treatment fast, he would die.

Lucas gave a pained growl, hand moving to wrap around the shiv to prevent Issack from pulling it out. His free hand shot out, locking around Issack's throat, squeezing at his windpipe.

Isaack hissed, but smirked at Lucas "Second I pull it out, you will bleed to death." He wheezed with a smirk.

Lucas tightened his grip of the shiv, nicking his fingers on the blade a little. He growled, keeping his eyes fixed on Issack, squeezing tighter at his throat.

Isaack began to wheeze more, not being able to breathe at all. But instead he used his strength to try to push in, and pull the blade a bit up.

Lucas panted hard, letting go of Issack's throat to press both hands against the stab wounds to try and stem the bleeding.

"You better call for help Lucas, or you will die. I pushed my blade into your spleen. In 10 minutes, give or take, you will bleed to death, if a surgeon is not fast enough to stitch you up. Don’t waste your time now." He let go of the shiv.

Lucas pressed harder on the wound, letting out a pained cry, stumbling back a little.

"That is what you get for kicking me in the nuts." Right at that moment, he was hit by a tazer from one of the guards.

Lucas panted out in pain, vision blurring slightly as he dropped to his knees, gripping the wound tighter.

The guards rushed, kicking Isaack several times while he was down, before one of the soldiers got over to Lucas. "Dammit these vermin are killing each other, call for a doctor!" He yelled.

Lucas was barely conscious, bleeding out on the floor as he held his wound.

There was a fuss above him as the doctors came, a hand pressed at his wound, as he was rushed into the infirmary. Isaack was still twitching on the floor as he dragged away.

Lucas was barely aware of what was going on around him. He could hear voices and could feel touches, but he couldn't place the words.

The doctors tried their best, and only after six hours of intensive work, they could say that Lucas was within safe ranges.


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