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Who: Lucas, Sky, Random Guard, Angel Deveruex
What: Angel comes to visit
Where: Visitation room
When: Morning
Rating: NC-17

Sky was curled up on the floor by Lucas' bunk. He had his head against it with a small wind-up toy on the floor. He'd been sent it in the mail by his sister quite a few weeks ago but only just received it. The grunts had thought it could be a weapon of some sort. It wasn't. He yawned slightly, trying to keep himself in the mind frame of 'pet not person'. It helped to be on the floor more often than not.

Lucas petted lazily at Sky's head, threading his figners through the boy's hair as he laid out on the bed.

A guard appeared and banged on the bars of the cell. "Devereux... Visitor."

The boy picked the toy up in his mouth and shifted closer to Lucas, shaking his head. He plopped the toy on the mattress and nuzzled Lucas' arm. "Not going without you." He muttered.

Lucas picked the toy up at petter Sky lightly. "Well... I'll come... if it's allowed." He replied, looking over at the guard.

The guard shrugged. "I don't really care as long as there's no trouble. Just hurry it up."

Sky shifted to sit up more, tilting his head before crawling across the cell and picking up a leash and collar from the desk, with his teeth. He clipped the collar around his own neck and moved back to Lucas, the end of the leash in his mouth.

Lucas took hold of the leash, chuckling a little. "Good puppy." He felt kind of bad treating Sky this way. But it was only for a little while...

The guard gave them a funny look and moved to cuff Lucas.

Lucas shook his head. "No need. I'm not going to cause any trouble."

Sky tugged a little at the leash, sighing slightly but going along with it as he knew how. The boy then started to crawl towards the visitation rooms, refusing to reply to anyone. He mentally noted each person who made a comment. He'd fix them when he was free to do so.

The guard led them up to the visitation room, unlocking the door and letting them in, once more locking the door behind them.

Lucas looked at Sky. "Recognise anyone?"

As Lucas spoke, Sky scanned the area from under his hair. Upon seeing the blonde girl, he jerked at his leash and dragged Lucas towards her. Forgetting that the collar could hurt him, he practically pounced on his twin.

She'd been waiting a short while. Dressed in a white dress with her long blonde locks in pretty little angel curls, Angel Devereux giggled softly as he brother grabbed hold of her. She hadn't noticed his lead or his "master" yet.

Lucas loosened his grip on the leash, letting it drop to the floor, giving Sky this moment with his sister. He stood a little awkwardly, looking at the ground. "You must be Angel. I've heard a lot about you."

Sky nuzzled her before realising he'd dragged himself free of Lucas. Shifting to crouch on a chair, he held his leash in his teeth.

"Yes, I'm Angel. You must be..." She began in a very French accent. Her eyes followed Sky as he moved and she spotted that leash. Snatching it from his mouth she held it up, tugging slightly. "What on earth is this?!"

Lucas sat in the seat beside Sky. "It's... Sky's leash. Every pup should have one." He cringed a little, hating himself for speaking this way.

Sky choked slightly as his sister yanked his leash. "A-Angel... stop... oww..." He grumbled, tugging back on it.

"Excuse me?! Who on earth gave you the right to do this to my brother? Who are you, anyway?!" She snapped, her own green eyes sharp. Possibly more viciously than Sky.

Lucas took hold of the leash once more, curling his fingers around it. "My name is Lucas Goldman. I am Sky's owner and master. He is my pet."

Sky pouted a little at being spoken about when he was sat right there but he just flopped down, resting his chin on the table. With a sigh.

"Your... what?" Angel tensed, glaring a hole in Lucas. She tapped the table quickly and repeatedly, right near Sky's nose with her painted black fingernail. "Sky Rain Devereux, how could you just go skitting off after yet another master?!" She spoke in a very condescending, bossy manner.

Lucas let out a growl of annoyance. "Don't speak to him like that!! He isn't doing it because he wants to. He's doing it because he has to." He hissed so Angel could hear but the guards in the room couldn't.

Sky just blinked up at his twin, pouting more than ever. "Nnnn..." He leaned forward and swiped her finger into his mouth, gnawing it lightly.

She was used to the sharpness of those teeth. Angel frowned, and the blinked, staring at her brother's master. "I... do not understand. What's going on?"

Lucas sat back in the seat, looking around for any no smoking signs. When he saw none he pulled out a cigarette and lit it, attempting to explain about the letter and the plan to keep Sky alive.

Sky sat silent, just giving nods and twitches in reply, still chewing affectionately at his sister's digit. He wasn't happy about not being able to ramble at her about everything but this would do.

Angel was just as quiet, listening intently as Lucas explained it all to her. As soon as he was done, she let out a slight sigh, brushing her hair behind her ear to show a multitude of piercings on the appendage. "I see. A wise plan, even for someone so unsophisticated. Well, that explains the plan... what exactly are you to do with this all, then? I know you are his cellmate but... why would a man such as you choose to help a boy like my brother?"

Lucas took a long drag of his cigarette, exhaling slowly, puffing out smoke rings. He asked the cancer stick in the ash tray, before taking a deep breath. "I am prepared to help him in anyway I can, whenever I can, for one simple reason. I am in love with him."

Sky giggled, releasing Angel's finger to nuzzle Lucas' arm, his eyes watching the smoke rise from the ash tray. "Mmhm..." He purred softly.

Angel's eyes widened and she coughed slightly, partly in surprise, partly at the smoke. Lifting her hand, she covered her mouth, pressing her lips to her scarred palm, her lipstick transferring to it. "Honestly... What in the world would make you love a boy like Sky?" Sure, she loved him like a brother but there was nothing she could see that would appeal to anyone. He was simply a puppy to her.

Lucas slipped his arm around Sky and pulled him closer. He tilted his head and looked at Angel. "What isn't there to love? He is full of life. He is smart. He is funny. He's handsome. He makes me smile. He makes me feel young. He makes me feel alive."

Sky shook slightly, trying to keep his balance on the chair he was crouched on. He nuzzled lightly, his eyes moving to look at his twin. "Nn...?"

The blonde girl lowered her hand, reaching into her little bag to retrieve a tissue to wipe the lipstick from her scarred palm. She had IML there, just like Sky's brand. "Mn... I see. You are how old, exactly? Are you sure you should be getting involved with an eighteen year old as... under developed as Sky?"

"I am 28." Lucas replied, shifting a little defensively. "Sky may be young. And he may not be a 'normal' teenager, but underneath the puppy is a smart, intelligent young man with a lot of potential."

Sky wobbled on his seat, trying to break away from Lucas to steady himself. He was near enough ready to fall. "I'm perfectly normal." He muttered.

Angel raised an eyebrow at his age. "You are ten years older than us? Well, isn't that a little... disturbing." Her blonde hair slipped to her eyes and she swept it back swiftly. "I know my brother has potential. I have lived with him for fifteen of our eighteen years alive. I still do not see any appeal for a man of almost thirty to want a relationship with him."

Lucas released his hold of Sky and all but glared at Angel. "You would prefer he found comfort with a man who beats him black and blue and rapes him every night?"

"A-Angel... stop it. Lucas, please..." He managed to get comfortable, crouched on his chair, and chewing at the leash around his neck.

"And how do you treat him? Can you honestly say you've never been violent towards him? You've never used him for sexual gratification?" Her eyes were just as sharp as Lucas' now. She glared right back.

Lucas leaned in a little, not breaking the glare. "We had had sex. Many times. But I have never forced him. Not even once. As for violence. We have fought. But I have struck him out of such a situation."

Sky chewed hard at the leash, his hand slipping under the table to rest on Lucas' leg. He wanted him to calm down. Angel was good at provoking people but he didn't want these two to hate each other.

"Hmph. You use him just the same way everyone else always has." She leaned in slightly too, keeping the glare going. "I'm not afraid of you or your crimes, Mr. Goldman. Yet, I suppose I need to keep communications open with you. To be sure you are doing as you say you are and not harming my brother."

Lucas sat back slightly when Sky touched his leg. He rested his hand on top of the boy's, lacing their fingers together. "You can rest assured, I do not intend to hurt him. Not now. not ever."

Sky gripped Lucas' hand tightly, lifting his free hand to prod Angel's scarred palm. "He's good to me, Angel. He doesn't hurt me. He tells me good things. He keeps me safe from the one person who does want to make me a pet."

As her scar was poked, Angel slapped her brother's hand lightly. She scrunched her nose and looked between the two. "Well... you do look happier. And healthier." She sighed dramatically, resting the back of her marred hand to her forehead. "I do suppose I've been replaced!" She cooed in rather a ridiculously over the top way.

Lucas rose an eyebrow. He was slightly glad that he didn't have to put up with both siblings constantly. "No one could ever replace you. Sky talks about you a lot. He loves his sister."

Sky growled as his hand was smacked but just leaned over the little table to lick her check, coughing at the taste of foundation. He pulled a face at her before leaning to nuzzle Lucas instead.

"He does, hm? Ah... I suppose you'll do. You're not the exact person I'd imagined would capture my pup but I suppose I can't be right all of the time." She replied, wiping at her cheek with another tissue. "You do understand that I'll be visiting a lot more often. And I refuse to have the visits without both of you present. Is that clear?"

Lucas once more wrapped an arm around Sky, kissing his head. "Oh? is that so? What kind of person were you expecting to steal Sky's heart?" He asked, watching Angel. "And I guess visiting beats laying in the cell all day..."

Sky purred as his head was kissed, petting his fingers over Lucas' thigh and nuzzling his cheek more. He was extremely happy and comfortable right at that moment.

Angel laughed slightly, flicking her hair over her shoulder. "A woman, for one. I expected a neice or nephew at some point. Mm, she was going to be a tall, dark, mysterious woman. The kind from crime noir films. Though... Sky got the crime part of it right." She rolled her eyes slightly.

Lucas chuckled a little. "Yeah. There's a distinct lack of women around here to pick from, in case you didn't notice. At least I have the hair to play a girl?"

Sky chuckled and began toying with that hair, nuzzling Lucas' neck. He really did like the older man's hair a lot. It was part of what attracted him.

"Hm, I suppose, yet somehow, I don't think you're... the... ahem, the girl between you both." She smirked slightly, resting her chin on her hand.

Lucas purred a little as his hair was played with, fixing his gaze on Angel once more. "Well... I don't know about that. I'm open to ideas."

Sky tensed at that, his eyes widening as he leaned back to look at Lucas' face, his mouth hung open slightly. Shoot... had Lucas seen his journal recently? There was a very... detailed description of a dream he'd had...

Angel chuckled lightly. "You are, hm? Well, my brother has talent, I know this well." Her words were highly ambiguous. She crossed her arms on the table, resting her chest on them.

Lucas poked Sky's mouth lightly. "Catching flies?" He teased, brushing his thumb over his lips. He looked at Angel with a questioning gaze. "I see..."

Sky shut his mouth quickly with a sound like a hatch closing. He still stayed staring at Lucas for a moment or two before looking to his sister with his head tilted.

The young girl chuckled, tugging Sky's hand to her own and holding it lightly. "Mm. He and I saw a lot of things we wish we hadn't. Namely each other being used. I'll spare you the details but we were often forced to watch." She shuddered slightly.

Lucas shifted uneasily, wrapping a protective arm around Sky. "At least you don't need to see such things anymore. You are both quite safe now."

Sky nuzzled into the protective arm, pawing playfully at the tattoos, his eyes down on the artwork as he trailed his fingers over it.

Angel half smiled. "He is, yes." At that, she stood, dusting off her dress. "I'll visit again soon. I will get this appeal in motion." She kept her gaze down.

Lucas frowned and reached to grab Angel's wrist, giving her another questioning gaze. "Are you in some kind of trouble?"

Sky tilted his head, blinking at his sister and shifting to half climb on the table. He wasn't ready for her to go yet.

"Nothing I can't handle." She looked to his hand on her wrist. "Sky may be the one in prison, but he is not the violent twin." She grinned at him the same way the boy would before twitching her hand slightly. "Besides, what could you do for me in here?"

Lucas gently tugged Sky's leash with his free hand. "Sky... don't climb on the furniture..." He released his hold of Angel's wrist and frowned. "I have contacts. People in high places, they could protect you."

Sky whined as he was tugged, shifting to sit down again. "I wasn't... I ... hnn..." He pouted openly, scrunching his face up at Lucas.

"I'm fine. Our previous master, she wants me to do work for her still." She shrugged a little. "I'm fine for the moment, she doesn't know I'm in America. Until Sky's hearing, I should be fine. After that, I'll have to find a new place to be."

Lucas frowned more. "If it gets too much, let me know. I'll contact them and get you somewhere safe, okay?" He turned his attention back to Sky, leaning in to kiss him softly. "No pouting."

Sky leaned in to kiss back before almost falling from his seat. He steadied himself against the table and watched his sister.

"I will... keep that in mind." She smiled politely. At that she held her arms open and smiled at the boy with the same face as her.

Sky jerked forward, over the table, and into her hug, nuzzling her lovingly and wiggling like a puppy would, if it had no tail to wag.

Lucas chuckled as he watched the pair embrace. It was very cute and rather moving. He stood back, letting them have their moment together.

Angel pet Sky's hair gently then kissed his cheek, leaving lipstick there. "Now, I want you to behave for him. I know it's hard to listen to people. Especially for you, so try your hardest. And do not even consider human characteristics until this is over." She murmured to him.

"Okay!" He licked her face again, pulling a disgusted expression at her makeup. A second later he let her go and watched her as she walked out of the room. "Hn... she's going to be killed because of me..."

Lucas scooped Sky up, pulling him into a crushing hug. "I won't let that happen. I promise."

The boy squirmed and winced. "Ah... tight..." He wriggled a little, leaning to chew his lover's neck to get him to loosen up.

Lucas released his grip slightly, but kept Sky held against him, rocking him a little. "Let's go back to the cell, okay?"

Sky nodded, grinning at Lucas. He wiggled a little before holding the leash out to his "master", beaming at him happily.

Lucas took hold of the leash and set Sky back on the ground. "My beautiful, well behaved puppy." He jiggled the leash slightly, smiling at Sky.

Sky giggled softly and began to head back to the cell, pulling at the leash a little, trying to get there as fast as possible. He didn't like being out of the cell these days.

Lucas gave a gentle tug, being sure not to injure his lover. "Heel. No pulling." He cooed.

Sky grumbled but slowed a little, nuzzling Lucas' leg as they moved. He was tired of this act now. He was fed of being a puppy.

Lucas led Sky into the cell and unclipped the leash. He looked around, making sure no one was near by. "You... can stop acting for awhile if you want."

The boy stood straight, removing his collar and rubbing his neck. He moved to the mirror, noting the slight red mark on his skin. With a sigh, he scrubbed at the lipstick on his cheek. "Angel was awfully bitchy with you..."

Lucas chuckled. "Well, I have stolen her brother's heart, and I was dragging him by a leash." He replied, moving to flop on the bed.

Sky finished cleaning his face and moved to sit on the floor by the bunks, leaning against them. "She's always grumpy like that. And melodramatic. And an idiot. I love her though." He chuckled, rubbing his eye. "Hey... Lucas...?"

Lucas shifted to lay on his side, reaching out a hand to idly pet at Sky. "Yeah?"

He flopped his head back to look at Lucas upside down. "What did you mean by... 'I'm open to ideas'?"

Lucas chuckled and stroked the boy's cheek, before brushing his thumb over those pretty lips. "Exactly that. I'm not one of those guys who will ony ever top. I'm a switch."

The boy kissed his thumb lightly, running his hand down Lucas' arm. "...you are, huh?" He trailed his fingers down an outline of one of his tattoos before frowning in thought. "Not with me though, right? Since I'm little and kinda girly..."

"I never said that. You've never mentioned wanting to top. Do you want to?" He asked, petting his thumb lightly against Sky's lips.

Sky licked that thumb a little, blushing and trying not to seem flustered. "...m... yeah..." He mumbled, not wanting to be loud about it.

Lucas chuckled and turned more to face Sky. "Well then. Once your appeal is over. Let's do it."

Sky jerked his head slightly, frowning with an obvious pout. "That long?! I have to wait that long??" He shifted to get onto the bed, flopping his entire weight on top of Lucas. "Not fair..."

Lucas let out a 'umph', wrapping his arms around Sky. "Well... I can't have sex with a puppy, can I?"

Sky glared at Lucas. "Well, more than enough other guys have, so why not you?" He grumbled, wiggling on top of his lover.

Lucas flicked Sky's nose lightly. "Because I am not like them, okay? I love you too much."

Sky grumbled and caught Lucas' hand in his mouth, biting lightly. "Mn... but I'm not really a puppy." He mumbled around the hand.

Lucas chuckled. "I know. But you have to act it, for it to be believable."

He wriggled to lay beside Lucas, kicking his legs in the air lightly. "I've got to wait that long for anything from you? At all? Ughh... I think I'll take the death penalty, please." He joked, rubbing his eye.

"Hey. Don't joke about that Pup. You will get hugs and kisses, and maybe the occassional blow job to help your frustrations."

Sky pouted a little, looking up at Lucas. "I'm frustrated now~" He joked, smiling cutely. As he did, he slid one of his arms under his own head, closing his eyes briefly.

Lucas shifted a little, pressing his knee lightly against Sky's groin. "Oh? Really?"

Sky jerked a little, gasping lightly. "Nn... maybe..." He opened his eyes a little, looking at Lucas.

Lucas leaned in to kiss Sky lightly, nipping his bottom lip. "What should we do about it?"

Sky draped an arm over Lucas' shoulder, kissing back with a slight squeak to the nip. "Whatever you want to do, Lucas." He murmured.

"You tell me, Sky. What do you want me to do to you?" He murmured, dipping his head to nibble Sky's neck.

Sky gasped quietly, letting his eyes fall closed again. "Nn... I know what I want... but you won't fuck a puppy." He replied.

Lucas moved his hand, reaching to grope Sky lightly over his pants.

"Hhn... L-Lucas, you're being a tease. I know I'm not getting anything, so don't get me harder than I am." He muttered, trying to keep his voice down.

Lucas shifted down the bed, starting to unfasten Sky's pants as he moved.

The boy blinked a little, his hand running through Lucas' hair. "You're going to do it then, huh?" He smirked a little.

"Maybe." Lucas began to tug Sky's pants down, nuzzling his groin playfully.

"A-ah... you know this won't end pretty if you leave me like this, Lucas." He breathed out, blinking down at him.

Lucas chuckled and pulled down Sky's pants further, followed by his underwear, exposing him tot he cold air.

The boy shivered a little as his length twitched. "You're being mean." He muttered.

Lucas purred a little. "Perhaps." He leaned in, taking the head of Sky's erection in his mouth.

"Ahh..." His hand curled itself in Lucas' hair whilst his free one rested over his own mouth.

Lucas teased him with his tongue, flicking it and rolling it over Sky's member.

The boy whimpered at the teasing tongue, biting into his palm a little. God, he was always so good at this.

Lucas took more of Sky's length into his mouth, slipping a hand between his legs to tease his balls.

Sky panted into his hand, his other one tugging at Lucas' hair a little. "Nhh... so good..." His eyes were closed tightly.

Lucas half chuckled, half purred around Sky, starting to bob his head as he sucked.

"Aah... Lucas... god, you're... so..." He wasn't even sure what word was going to come out. Instead, he bent his knees up more, panting hard.

Lucas rolled his hand more, teasing Sky's balls, as he pleasured the boy.

"Fuck... oh, god, that's so good... Lucas... I'm gonna..." He moaned out in French. His whole body trembled and tensed as his head snapped back and the boy cried out his lover's name at his orgasm.

Lucas swallowed down Sky's seed, sucking and licking at him until the orgasm subsided. He purred a little, crawling up to kiss his lover.

The boy hummed softly, keeping one hand in Lucas' hair whilst his other trailed over his cheek. He kissed back, smiling lightly.

"Mm. You taste good." Lucas purred against Sky's lips, slipping his tongue into the boy's mouth so he could taste himself.

"Ahn..." He blushed at the salty taste of his own semen on Lucas' tongue, hooking a leg around his lover and circling his tongue against that invading one.

Lucas kissed Sky deep and hard, wrapping his arms around the boy.

"Mnph..." He blinked a little, not used to this sort of intensity from Lucas in just a kiss. He tried hard to match his passion.

Lucas pulled away, a bright smile on his lips. "I love you, Sky."

"I l-love you, too..." He panted softly, brushing his fingers over Lucas' cheek. He blinked up at him, a little dazed.

Lucas nuzzled Sky's neck, carefully tucking him back into his pants and shifting to lay beside him.

The boy panted lightly still, his fingers still loosely curled in Lucas' hair. "Wow... that was... that kiss was so..." He laughed breathlessly.

Lucas chuckled and petted Sky's hair. "We always kiss..."

"Yeah, but that kiss then, it was intense." He leaned in, pressing his lips lightly against Lucas' before nuzzling his neck.

Lucas purred softly, threading his fingers through Sky's hair tenderly. "It was a nice kiss."

Sky smiled, petting Lucas' cheek lightly. "You sure this is going to work, Lucas? They'll buy it, right?" He chewed at his lip, trying not to look worried.

"There's only one way to find out." Lucas murmured, continuing to stroke Sky's hair. "I'm sure it will work though. It has to."

"Mm. It's all we have." He nuzzled into the petting hand, yawning slightly. "What kind of things do you think they'll ask me?"

"I don't know... They'll probably ask you about your past and your crimes. They'll probably observe you a lot, that kind of thing."

Sky scrunched his nose a little. "Observe me? You think they'll do those kinda 'self-sufficiency' tests? To see if I can do things normal people do?"

"It's possible. If they do, just act like you can't do it."

Sky pouted slightly, looking away from Lucas. "There are some things I can't do. Sure, I can read and write... but haven't you noticed I can't tie my shoelaces? Hence why I rarely wear shoes..."

Lucas chuckled a little. "I hadn't noticed... I'll teach you when this is over."

Sky smiled slightly. "Will you teach me anything else I don't know? I can manage buttons but I can't tie a tie, either. Ughh... I'll have to wear a suit for the hearing, won't I?"

Lucas gave a nod. "Most likely. I'll help you. That's what I'm here for."

Sky nodded a little, yawning again. "I'm glad you're here. I'm a little lost with everything at the moment..."

Lucas cradled his lover. "I know. We'll get through this though."

The boy yawned widely then buried his head in Lucas' neck. "I hope so." He murmured, falling to sleep.

Lucas held Sky, pulling the blanket over them both with his toes. "Sweet dreams, Pup."


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