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Who: Sky, Issack & Lucas
When: Daytime
Where: The cells
What: Fighting
Rating: PG-13

The young teen had his journal between his teeth as he ran. He skidded down the hall, almost missing his cell. He was a very, very fast runner and Isaack had only just turned the corner, from what he could tell. The boy shot into his cell and scrambled under the bottom bunk, not even saying a word to Lucas as he did.

The thumping of feet was easy to judge who was coming storming. The tall Romanian was fuming. "You likke dog! I should kick you into the.... Pitchko Matre!!" He growled.

Lucas had been cleaning his new guitar and fitting new strings to it. He blinked as Sky all but skidded into the cell. He tilted his head in question, but then heard the familiar voice of Issack, He set the guitar aside, curling one of the old strings around his hand. He stood and moved to the cell entrance, resting his back against one side, and a foot on the other, blocking the way. "Problem?"

Sky poked his head out from under his bunk. It was his fault this time; he'd provoked Isaack by calling him 'caveman' again. He cowered slightly, watching his cellmate. "Lucas... don't..."

"That little stray of yours is barking at the wrong cat." he towered at Lucas. "Let me through you shit, before I twist your neck too."

"He's no dog. If he were, I'd let him chase kitties all day long, tiger." He looked up at Issack, making no attempt to shift from his spot. "Sorry, can't let you through."

The boy crawled half way out of his hiding place, leaving the book under there, tensed and trying not to growl. He didn't like that threat towards Lucas. If Isaack made a single violent move that Lucas couldn't take easily, Sky knew he'd set off on the Romanian.

Isaack growled. "I said, ‘step back’" He moved into Lucas's face.

The corner of Lucas' lips tugged into a half smirk. "I heard you the first time. And I said ‘no’. Learn to listen."

Sky bit into his lower lip, shifting now to sit crouched on the floor, staring up at the two older and much larger men. "Lucas... please..." He was afraid for his lover.

Isaack muttered something in Romanian under his breath, before flinging a fist out to Lucas's face.

Lucas let out a growl as the fist connected with his face. He spat out some blood, glaring at Issack. Within in seconds he lunged at the larger man, unravelling the guitar string from his hand and had it wrapped around Issack's neck, digging into his skin.

Sky's eyes widened and he shot from his position and gripped at Lucas' arm. "Stop! He'll kill you!" His eyes filled with tears; he didn't want Lucas to get hurt.

Isaack made a choked sound, then his rage hit him, he gripped hold of Lucas's hand, twisting, intending to break it.

Lucas let out a slight pained cry, bringing his foot up to plant a firm kick in Issack's groin. "Sky! Keep out of this!"

The boy stepped back from the two and considered heading down the hallway. He needed to find a guard... but that would land Lucas in solitary, too. Sure, he could protect himself from anyone here but things wouldn't be the same without Lucas in the cell. And if he only had two months left... Lucas could be in solitary for all of that.

Isaack let go as the foot hit his groin. it was really his weak spot. He hissed, face slightly green.

Lucas sent another firm kick in the direction of Issack's groin, fully intent on knocking the air out of him.

Sky whimpered a little, gripping Lucas' bicep. "Enough... you'll get stuck in solitary..."

Isaack were not able to cry out as his sore parts were hit again, even if his hands took most of the blow. He was heaving for his breath into shallow gasps.

Lucas glared at Issack. "Now I suggest you get the fuck away from me and from Sky, before I kill you. Understand, Tiger?"

The boy's hand gripped tighter, almost viciously, to Lucas' bicep, nails digging in. "Lucas..." He practically hissed, wanting him to back down before something bad happened. Well... something worse.

Isaack threw up on the floor. He got to his feet, face green. "I won’t forget this.."

Lucas resumed his position, barring the doorway with his body. "Oh, we wouldn't want you to. Run off with your tail between your legs." He winced a little at Sky's nails digging into his skin. "Puppy, down."

With his nose scrunched, Sky shifted to his knees, coiling himself around Lucas' leg, his eyes intently watching the Romanian as he nuzzled his lover's leg.

Isaack managed to scatter away

Lucas sighed and pocketed the guitar string, before leaning down to pet Sky's head lovingly. "Try not to annoy him."

"I'll try not to annoy him if he tries not to make my skin crawl." He replied, soon retreating to his own bunk, the top one, the rarely used one.

Lucas pulled the boy into a soft kiss. "Stick near me. I'll protect you."

"It's not me who'll need protection, now." He muttered almost silently before just melting into his "master's" side.

Lucas picked the boy up and gave him a soft hug. "I can look after myself."

"I hope so." He replied, nuzzling lightly and curling up into a small ball, purring softly.
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