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Who: Sky and Lucas
What: Lucas has a plan
Where: The Chapel
When: Late evening
Rating: PG-13

The chapel was as empty as it usually was. Not even a priest was lingering around in the small room. Of course, it was made to look like church; for the comfort of those more religious. There was only one person inside the room. Sky sat in a pew about half way down the room. He had his journal on his knees and was sketching the crucifix that hung on the wall. In his mind he was considering the next two months of his life.

Lucas had looked everywhere for Sky. He'd tried all the boy's usual hiding spots, and now finally stood outside the chapel. He stubbed out his cigarette, tossing the butt aside befre walking in. He waled over and sld into the pew beside Sky. "Here you are."

The teen glanced up at the depiction of Jesus being crucified then added a small detail to his sketch. A moment later, he closed his journal and looked at Lucas. "Here I am." He hugged his knees tightly. "You needed me for something?"

"I've been thinking about your appeal." Lucas replied, resting his elbows on his knees, fixing his eyes on the crucifix.

"That makes two of us." He shifted slightly, his chin rested on his knees as he looked at his lover. Sky half-smiled, thinking how ironic it was that he was a Catholic boy sat in a prison chapel, beside his gay lover, ten years older than him.

"I have an idea." Lucas said, pulling a cigarette from his pocket, resting it between his lips, but not lighting it.

Sky took the cigarette from his lips and held it lightly in his hand. He wouldn't crush it. "Not in here." He half laughed, biting his lip before tilting his head. "What's your idea then?"

Lucas frowned a little when Sky stole his cigarette. "I wasn't going to light it..." He ran a finger through his hair and stared at the ground "Plead mental insability..."

Sky took Lucas' hand and placed the cigarette in it. "Mental... instability?" He cleared his throat slightly and shifted away just a little. Lucas thought he was crazy. Great.

Lucas pocketed the cigarette and turned slightly in the seat to face Sky more. He gave a nod. "Yes. If you make them believe you are not completely sane and that you weren't at the time of your crimes... then they cannot put you to death... They me even give you a retrial and let you go free..."

"I... I'm perfectly sane, Lucas." He shrank down into his knees. "I'm not crazy." He sighed slightly, looking over at that crucifix. "Besides... I... don't want a retrial."

Lucas frowned and reached out to pet Sky's hair. "I know you're sane. But you can pretend. You can make them believe you are less than stable in the mind department."

Sky leaned into the petting, closing his eyes briefly. "How am I supposed to do that?" He scrunched his nose up, looking up at Lucas.

Lucas petted more. "Think back to being a pet. The way you acted at those times. Most people would see this as... less than normal..."

"I know... but I've been trying hard not to act like that. You've been teaching me not to... now I'm supposed to just forget all that?" He pouted slightly.

Lucas leaned in to kiss Sky's head. "Only until after the appeal." He pulled his small lover closer.

"So... I'm supposed to start now? You'll have to write to Angel... but then the guards read our mail anyway..." He sighed and leaned on Lucas' side.

Lucas petted his hair lightly. "I'll find a way to write it without it looking completely obvious to the guards."

You... could always write it partly in French. Unless you know another language? She knows nine..." He laughed slightly, nuzzling Lucas lightly and keeping an eye on the crucifix.

Lucas chuckled a little. "You'd have to teach me some French then."

"I could do." He smiled and shifted to sit up a little, gesturing with a twitch, towards the crucifix. "Don't you feel awkward with him watching?"

Lucas looked at the crucifix, before looking at Sky a little. "Not really. It's just a piece of wood after all."

"Hah... silly. I believe in God, y'know. It gets a little awkward when I think of all my sins, though." He chuckled weakly, resting his head on Lucas' shoulder.

Lucas wrapped an arm around Sky. "He'll forgive you. That is what God does."

"He can forgive me for killing one hundred and thirty seven on his creations? And for allowing myself to be treated as less than an equal... and for sodomy?" He ran his fingers over Lucas' hand, toying with his fingers.

Lucas curled his fingers around Sky's, kissing his head. "Of course."

"I've done a lot against the Ten Commandments. God and I aren't the best of friends." He chuckled a little, pulling Lucas' hand close to kiss the back of it.

Lucas smiled at him softly. "He still loves you. And if he doesn't, then at least you have me."

Sky smiled and leaned up to kiss Lucas on the lips. "Heh... two guys kissing in church." He nuzzled the older man before resting down again. "So... for the next two months, I have to be how I was? A pup?"

Lucas chuckled and returned the kiss, before holding Sky closer. "Yes... I know it'll be hard, but if you don't... ... well let's not think about that..."

"If I don't, I'll be dead before summer. Not that we know when summer is..." He chuckled a little, smiling softly. "I've got to try to work against everything you've taught me... I need to crawl again. Just when I was standing almost straight."

Lucas petted his cheek softly. "My beautiful puppy." He smiled and pulled Sky into a tight hug.

Sky laughed a little and wrapped his arms around Lucas' neck, nuzzling his ear. "You'll take care of me, while I'm this way, right? I'm bound to get trouble because of it."

"Of course I will. I love you, Skybug." Lucas murmured, petting Sky like he would a puppy.

The boy shuddered slightly, the petting making him relax more. He couldn't even help himself as his hand came up to bat at his own ear. "And you won't get mad if I bite?"

"I may have to scold you if you bite too hard. That is what a responsible pet owner does."

Sky pouted at Lucas, grumbling a little. "What would you do?" He was used to most punishments but there were some he could stand better than others.

Lucas clicked his tongue against the back of his teeth. "Hm. We'll have to see. Probably flick your ear or nose."

Sky frowned slightly. "That's not a punishment..." He squinted a little in confusion. "If I bit when I was with my masters, sometimes I'd be beaten, other times I wouldn't be fed for a few days... an ear flick is a rubbish punishment."

Lucas rose an eyebrow. "Well then, I'll buy a collar and leash and tug you sharply when you misbehave."

He scrunched his nose up before leaning in to press it to Lucas' nose. "You wouldn't. You'd hate to drag me around on a leash."

Lucas nudged his nose against Sky's, giving him an eskimo kiss. "I'll order one."

"You will, huh? You're fine with having me on a leash?" He nipped Lucas' nose lightly. "I thought you were trying to make me normal."

Lucas chuckled and petted Sky's sides. "I prefer having you alive more though."

The boy shuddered then smiled. "You do, hm?" He leaned away and picked up his journal. "Well, we've got to get this appeal through, then there's the trial... and then we'll find out, won't we?" The teen shifted from the pew and headed towards the door, crossing himself before he left.

Lucas followed, but stopped at the door. He turned back to the crucifix. He sighed a little. "Watch over Sky, okay?" He whispered, before heading out after his lover.


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