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Who: Squall & Atesh
When: Daytime
Where: Showers
What: Talking
Rating: PG-13

Atesh whimpered. He was in the last shower booth at the end of the room, hardly able to speak. Some of the other inmate had found out about his hyperflexability, and now he was tied up on the ground, his back bent so that his buttocks was resting on his head, his lower legs folder under his chest, so most of all he looked like a broken folded toy. His arms where up and tried with a rope that went around him. He was panting in pain. He was flexible, yes, but laying like this for soon to be an hour, with the water turned on cold, was horrible.

Squall made his way to the to the shower with his towel rested over his shoulder.He stepped into the shower room, frowning a little at the sight that met him. Why could nothing ever be peaceful and normal in this place?? He walked over to Atesh, poking at the man with his foot. "Need a hand?"

Atesh whimpered, looking up as best as he could. "P-please..?"

Squall put his hand in his pocket, retrieving a shiv. He quickly slshed through the rope that bound Atesh.

Atesh flopped into a sprawled position on the floor as he was released, giving a deep breath. He panted, looking up at the other. "T-thank you..."

Squall repocketed the blade and moved to the far end to begin stripping to shower. "Don't mention it. So, kinky sex gone wrong or torture?"

"Torture..." He rubbed his numb body. "I’m not really that liked, there is no groups for Muslims here."

Squall gave a nod. "So make one. I'm sure there must be others in here. Seek them out, work together."

"I tried that to, but my mother broke the honor codes which the way she was, so I’m not really tolerated." He stood up, flexing his sore back.

"People make their own rules here." Squall commented as he stepped under a spray of cold water.

"Well, they follow the codes still." He stepped under a shower as well. The boy was about the same size as Larsa or Nathaniel, his skin deep golden tan, and his hair short and black. His eyes where big and brown. But his body was tones, not an inch of fat on his whole frame, just pure muscles.

"Then make a group for fallen Muslims." Squall replied, tilting his head back to soak his ever-growing locks.

He growled suddenly. "I’m not a fallen Muslim!"

"Then there's no problem. It's your actions they should consider. Not your mother's."

"You don’t understand " he sighed. "By doing her job, she dishonored me. And I lost all my honor because I did not .. punish her."

Squall scrubbed at his hair. "Listen kid, I don't really care for your life story. This is UGH. A blank canvas to do whatever you want with your life. You make your own rules. You find your own ways of surviving or else you end up dead."

He swallowed, putting his head into the water spray, swallowing over and over, turning away. Yes, he was crying. Atesh was younger then his birth certificate said. It was a fake. It might say 23, but he was barely 18

Squall frowned, scrubbing shampoo from his hair. "Kid, you gotta be tough, or they'll rip you to shreds*

"They have already done a pretty good job." Even he was protected some, he still got raped about once a day. At least he was getting used to it, and it did not hurt as back, but it was till humiliating.

"Then fight back. And if you can't fight, find someone who can."

"I can’t have my cellmate follow me around all day."

"Then learn to fight. Take up boxing. Carry a weapon."

"I can’t fight. I’m to flexible. My hands can’t stand the pressure of a hit."

"Then use weapons. Anyone can handle a weapon if they know how."

"Where am I supposed to find a weapon in here!"

"Look around. They're easy enough to get through trades. Or to make. Just use your imagination." Squall replied, stepping out of the spray of water, reaching for his towel.

He whimpered again. He had no idea how or where.

Squall pulled his jeans on still damp legs. He reached into his pocket, pulled out the shiv and threw it at Atesh's feet.

Atesh bent down, picking it up. "Thanks."

Squall tugged his t-shirt on and threw his wet towel over his shoulder. "Don't get used to it."

He looked down at the shiv, using a towel to dry up before he pulled on jeans, and pocketed it.

Squall headed towards the exit, finger combing his hair as he walked.
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