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Who: Issack & Squall
When: Daytime
Where: Rec Room.
What: Talking
Rating: PG-13

Isaack came seeking out Squall. he had not spoken to him ever since he had shattered his arm.

Squall was laid out on the sofa in the rec room, reading a book. His legs were laid over the sofa arm, book on his chest.

Isaack moved over to him, slumping down. "Hiya"

Squall scrunched up his nose, sitting up slightly. "Can I help you?"

"I’m here to talk. Unless of course, you are going to splinter my other arm too."

Squall looked over at Issack. "I was only stepping between you and Balthier to stop you tearing each other apart."

"It was just a friendly fight." He grinned halfway. "It was a good fight."

Squall frowned. "Yeah well... I'd sooner you didn't damage my fiancée."

"Hey! He did a fair round on me too! And they you came along and broke my fucking arm. Now I’m useless. Cant even shower properly."

"You have another arm." He shifted and closed his book. "Besides, I was only protecting what is mine."

"Bah. "

Squall fiddled with the ring on his left ring finger, twirling it with his thumb.

"So, each time I get my ass kicked by Balthier, you say Raven should come beat him off?"

"Balthier is half your size. Wouldn't really be fair, now, would it?"

"He is not that much smaller. besides, he is heavier build. " Isaack was tall, but he was lanky. He had the build of an elegant predator, he was a lot stronger then he looked. He only looked larger due to the clothes he wore.

"Well... I'd prefer you didn't kill him before he marrys me, okay?"

"I’d never kill Balthier. Besides, he attacked me first.

"Only because you pissed him off. Or so I believe..."

"I did nothing wrong. He misunderstood, and did not even listen to Larsa." He scowled. "According to Balthier, I was going to make his friend a fucktoy, when what I was intending only to help him."

"Well... killing each other isn't the way to fix things."

"Tell him that."

"I do. Often."

"He apparently is not a good listener, is he?"

"He listens to what he wants to listen to." Squall replied, running a hand through his hair.

He sighed "I’ve got a feeling I’ll get a lot more broken bones before I’m gonna be put to sleep." He leant back.

Squall gave a laugh. "Probably."


"I'm sure you'll be breaking a lot more too, hmm?"

"Most likely. I’m planning to make a lot more ruckus then this before I die" He smiled.

Squall gave a soft laugh. "Aren't we all?"

"I guess we all. But I’m planning to kill at least a few more."

"Why? Is it really that satisfying?"

He looked at Squall. "The feel of the blood on my hands, the sound of pained panting, the fear. Its wonderful"

"Killing the jerk who bedded Rinoa was one thing. But I don't think killing a stranger would satisfy me."

"I wanna reach at least 40 dead before I go. I have 3 more to round the number."

"Well, keep Balthier and I off the list."

"I would never kill anyone I considered a friend:"

"Well. That still leaves me as a target then, hm?"

"I consider you a friend. You beat me in a fight, remember?"

"Yeah... Only because I used a weapon to my advantage. I doubt I'd beat you in a fair fight."

"Weapons are fair." He shrugged. "Besides, you are the lover of my best friend. I would not harm you. I have not laid hand on you since the first time."

"Only because Balthier would kill you." Squall chuckled a little. "He's pretty protective of me."

"No shit! He wanted the threesome, but he did not want me to touch you at all. He was scared that you would think I was a better lover. " He laughed.

"No worries there. He is a fantastic lover. He pushes ALL the right buttons."

"I tried to tell him that, but he was still scared."

Squall gave a soft laugh. "Yeah well. I'm sexy." He joked.

"Well.. You are bit on the too lanky size for me, but you are still hot. I like them smaller."

Squall rose an eyebrow. "You'd be stuck to find someone bigger!"

He snorted."Raven is just as tall as Nathaniel, and looks as young as Larsa."

"Do you miss him?" Squall asked, shifting to sit up normally.

He nodded. "Every day. But I know it was for the best when I told him never to come back here again."

"Why did you tell him that? Why don't you want him near you?"

"Because I want him to move on. He is just a kid. he will fall in love again. He don’t need to bind himself to a man who will fry"

"But... maybe he doesn't want to love anyone else"

"I don’t want him to live his life alone when I know I will never leave this place. He should not waste his life like that. He is beautiful, and I love him deeply, but I love him so much that I am willing to let him go."

Squall frowned a little, "Is that what love means? To let someone go?"

"When it means they can live happily, yes. I know its for the best. He is 18. He will get over me. In a few years, I’ll be but a memory in the back of his head when he kisses his new boyfriend:"

"But what about your happiness? Doesn't it matter? Who will look after you?"

He laughed, "I’m on Death Row, Squall. What I feel does not matter."

"You still have feelings... even if you are a vile, violent monster."

He chuckled. "I do. But I have other things to occupy my mind. Like killing, or having sex. Or protecting friends."

"I guess." Squall replied, scrunching up his nose a little.

He leant back. "I enjoy life here as much as I can. I see no reason to hang my head like a sissy and give up. I’ll go to the chair and Ill grin and break the neck of the director before I fry. or get shot. Whatever they do."

Squall flopped on Issack, looking up at him. "I... guess that's all you can do."

He grinned, looking at the attractive male. "I do hope you and Balthier get out of this hole before you are old and rotten. You dont deserve to be trapped here with psychos like me"

"Maybe. After all, his murders were accidental..." Squall replied, looking up at the other man.

"And yours was kind of that as well":

Squall furrowed his brow. "No. I wanted to kill him. I was so angry. I lost it."

"Meh. It’s not so bad."

"Heh. Well, I'd never have met Balthier otherwise, so it's all good."

He smiled. "True."

"I'm happier since I met him. Most the time, at least."

He smiled. "That is good. Balthier is a good man."

"Most of the time."

He laughed. "All the time. He is fun."

"He... has his moments." Squall replied, shifting to get comfy.

Isaack let the other rest in his lap. He did not mind. He put his arms on the back of the couch. "How did you two meet the first?"

"We were in the showers. He just kind of... came onto me. I actually thought he was a jerk at first."

He laughed. "I feel like such a gentleman"

Squall rose an eyebrow. "You? A gentleman?"

"Yes. When I met Raven."

"Oh? How did you meet?"

"I was a new attendant at the local hospital. Raven had tried suicide by cutting. I was the doctor in charge of him. I got to know him slowly; I got him to open up. When he was released from the hospital, we met up the same night for dinner,"

"That's pretty sweet. Kinda romantic."

He smiled. "Yes, I was not always a monster." He dowsed in memories. "We did not sleep together before after a month had passed.

Squall smiled a little. "So what happened to make you... you know... a crazy psycho?"

"One day, Raven went out the door and never returned. I paid for half of London’s police force to search for him, or his body, but nothing showed. I was depressed for a month, before I went back to Romania, and to my older brother:"

"Why did he leave? Did you ever find out? Where is he now?"

"He never told me. Apparently he thought me to be dead too. Nathaniel knew where he was all along, but never told me. " He sighed. "I searched for him every day. Every time I passed a boy with black hair and green eyes, I would turn after to look in hope that one day those green eyes would be Raven’s.”
Squall frowned a little. "You should get in touch with him."

"I have been." He sighed. "He came here for every day when he found out. But I told him to stop coming.
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