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Who: Balthier & Squall
When: Daytime
Where: Rec Room and the cells.
What: Balthier has a question for Squall
Rating: NC-17

Squall was sat with his feet up on the sofa in the Rec Room with his sketchbook resting on his knees busily sketching away. His face and hands were covered in smudged pencil dust and charcoal. He was working on a sketch of a woman in the rain.

Balthier made his way into the Rec Room, sighing slightly. His cheek still had a bruise and his lip was still split but he generally looked well. His glasses were nestled on his face and he looked a lot more worldly than usual. Which was saying a lot. Balthier seated himself by Squall's feet and prodded his knee.

Squall shifted his feet a little, making more room for Balthier. He looked up from his sketch briefly before looking down again. "Run out of contact lenses?" He half teased.

Balthier rolled his eyes and leaned one arm on Squall's knees. "Perhaps I wanted to wear my glasses." He leaned over and tilted the sketchbook to see what he was drawing. "Very pretty..."

Squall prodded Balthier's nose. "You hate your glasses." His face softened a little, a light smile on his lips. "Who says you are allowed to look at my drawing, hm?"

"I only hate them because of who they make me look like." He rested his chin on Squall's knee and smiled slightly. "You always let me look at your work."

Squall ran his thumb over Balthier's cheek, leaving a smudge mark on his skin. "Mm. Maybe I changed my mind."

"You're still mad at me, Squall?" His voice was a little softer than usual and he made no attempt to rub away the smudge he knew he'd have.

"A little." Squall frowned, closing his sketchbook, laying it aside.

Balthier frowned slightly, too. He crossed his arms on Squall's knees and rested down on them. "You know I love you, right?"

"Yeah... I know. At least... I think I know..." Squall replied, stealing Balthier's glasses.

"You think you know? That's... not reassuring." He could still clearly see Squall and frowned slightly more.

Squall put the glasses on himself and tilted his head, looking at a now very fuzzy Balthier. "Well... you could just say it so you don't have to be alone."

"If I didn't want to be alone, I'd find anyone, Squall. I could have Larsa. I could have Isaack." He placed a kiss on Squall's knee. "It is you I want and love."

Squall frowned a little. "But why? Why me? I'm nothing special."

"You're nothing but special." Balthier pushed Squall's knees apart and moved between them, leaning to kiss his smudgy nose. "You're beautiful and charming and so important to me."

Squall threaded his fingers through Balthier's hair, trying to focus on his face through the glasses. "I'm none of those things. All I ever do is make you angry."

"You make me happy, Squall. I've got no desire to be with anyone but you." He pressed a kiss to Squall's lips uninvited but stroked his hair a moment later. "I'm in love with you. I wish you'd believe me."

Squall wrinkled his nose, almost pouting at Balthier. "I... do believe you..."

"You don't sound very convincing." He moved to sit back and smiled, wanting to get Squall back to the cell for a surprise he'd set up. Holding out his hand, he smiled more. "Come back to the cell with me?"

Squall took the glasses off, handing them back to Balthier, before getting up off the sofa, grabbing his sketchbook. "Okay."

Balthier put them back on his face and headed towards the door, frowning slightly. He had managed to 'acquire' some black sheets and put them over the front of the cell like a tent curtain. Inside, he'd filled the room with candles and fairy lights that he'd also 'acquired'. Balthier had also managed to get chocolates for Squall and something else...

Squall followed, clutching his sketchbook to his chest. He blinked at the sight in front of him. "Looks like you've been busy." He commented, trying not to show his excitement.

Balthier smiled slightly and went to soak a cloth, handing it to Squall. "You're all smudgy." He half-teased, not willing to push Squall.

Squall chuckled and took the cloth, wiping his face and hands, before leaning in to wipe Balthier's cheek. "So are you."

"And whose fault is that, hm?" Balthier leaned into Squall's touch and smiled softly. He took off his glasses and laid them on the desk. "I've got something for you..."

Squall smiled warmly. "Something other than the pretty lights and secluded seduction spot?"

"I wasn't planning on seducing you, Leonhart." He smiled back, brushing his hand over Squall's freshly cleaned cheek. He turned to the chocolates and held the box out to him. They were expensive imported chocolates. In the box, there was a chocolate missing. In its place, there was a gold ring. It was obviously an engagement ring but it wasn't feminine.

Squall took the box of chocolates, smiling like a kid at Christmas. He opened it up and blinked at the ring, looking at it for a long moment. "Somebody ate one of the chocolates." He teased, taking the ring out of the box, looking at it closer.

Balthier laughed and took the ring and chocolates, setting them aside. He shifted to one knee and kissed Squall's hand. "Squall Leonhart... I know I did this before... and you weren't too happy... but I love you with all of my heart. I never imagined I'd ever love someone as much as I love you... will you marry me and make me the happiest convict living underground?" He smiled up at his lover.

Squall flushed a little. "No dead bodies hidden under the bed?" He teased, looking down at Balthier and then at his hand. "I... yes, of course. I love you."

Balthier slipped the ring on Squall's hand and stood up, pulling him close. "Only one. But he looked at me wrong." He joked before moving in to kiss Squall's lips.

Squall chuckled and rested his hand on the back of Balthier's head, kissing him tenderly.

Balthier kissed him a moment longer before pulling away. "I think you're perfect, Squall. Tantrums and all."

Squall gave a soft squeak. "I don't 'tantrum'!" He huffed, grabbing Balthier's hair, kissing him again.

Balthier laughed and nipped his lower lip. He truly did love Squall and his emotional outbursts. "This will sound quite uncharacteristic... but I thought we could talk. Have a heart to heart as such..."

Squall rose an eyebrow before nipping Balthier lightly. "Heart to heart? Who are you and what have you done with Balthier?" He teased.

"Hilarious, really." The pirate pulled his lover to sit on the bed and retrieved the chocolates then actually cuddled Squall up in his arms. "I know that you like to just cuddle and talk sometimes..."

Squall snuggled up and took a chocolate from the box, holding it to Balthier's lips. "Yeah, but you don't have to make yourself feel uncomfortable for me."

"I'm never uncomfortable around you." He took the chocolate in and kissed Squall's fingers lightly.

"I'm glad." Squall smiled and snuggled closer, poking Balthier's lips. "So, what do you wanna talk about?"

Balthier lifted a chocolate to Squall's lips, smiling softly. "Anything. I just know you like to talk." He pet his free hand over the brunette's hip.

Squall bit the chocolate in half, chewing thoughtfully before licking at the remaining half. He chuckled a little. "You make it sound like I'm a chatterbox."

"Maybe you are." He chuckled slightly. "You certainly have your moments. Like wanting a conversation at three in the morning."

Squall gave another chuckle, looking down at his ring, twisting it around on his finger. "I just enjoy talking to you."

"I'm glad." He leaned in and kissed Squall's cheek. "I am truly sorry for all the things I've done to upset you, love."

"Me too. I do plenty to upset you." He turned his head, stealing a soft kiss.

"You do far more to make me smile, however." He replied, teasing his finger over the outer edge of Squall's ear.

Squall shivered a little, leaning into Balthier more. "I like your smile."

"I like your smile, too." His words came out as a whisper as he brushed his fingers down Squall's neck.

Squall shivered more, letting out a soft purr. "I thought you said you weren't seducing me?"

"I'm not." He replied, smiling. He wasn't, technically. He wasn't making any moves on his lover.

"Oh? You are trying to melt me with your soft touches and gentle words."

Balthier smiled at Squall. "I just returned the compliment you gave me. You are the one seducing me."

"I am not!" Squall huffed, taking hold of Balthier's hand to bite at his fingers.

Balthier winced but shuddered a second later. "You say you're not yet you attack my hand."

Squall continued to suck and bite at one digit. "I wasn't. But now I am."

Balthier moaned slightly, closing his eyes briefly. "Squall... don't do that..."

"Hm? Why not?" He asked, flicking his tongue over the tip of Balthier's finger.

He almost glared but his pleasure stopped him a moment later. "You know why..."

Squall looked up at him with innocent eyes. "I don't. Tell me."

Those eyes made him shiver slightly. "Because it feels too good... my hands are sensitive. You know that."

Squall sucked and nibbled once more, keeping his eyes fixed on Balthier's.

Balthier yanked his hand away and pulled Squall close, slipping his tongue between those devilish lips.

Squall kissed him hard, circling his tongue around Balthier's before giving a light nip.

Balthier moaned into his lover's mouth, moving to pull the smaller man on top of him, his hands gripping Squall's waist.

Squall straddled Balthier's lap, resting his hands on the man's shoulders as he gave a slight roll of his hips.

Balthier moaned slightly, breaking the kiss and moving to nip his neck. "Squall... top me..." He practically whispered, his lips brushing Squall's skin.

Squall blinked a little, looking at Balthier. "A-are you sure?" He whispered, bringing his hands to the man's hair.

"You know how much I adore you, Squall. Top me..." He murmured, his eyes locked on Squall's face now.

Squall gave a nod. "Okay. I'll make you squirm and writhe." He teased, but his eyes showed tenderness few ever saw.

Balthier blushed and allowed himself to purr slightly, nipping Squall's chin. "You'd better, Romeo."

Squall shifted off of Balthier's lap and moved to the locker to search for some lube. "Maybe I'll even make you beg for more, hm?"

"If you do, I'll be damn impressed." He smirked at his lover, watching him walk to the locker. Balthier pulled his own shirt off, resting on the bed after shifting the chocolates to the floor.

"A challenge, hm?" Squall grinned, returning to the bed with some cherry flavoured lube. He stripped himself and he walked, flopping down beside Balthier.

Balthier stroked his hand over Squall's hip, leaning in to kiss and bite at Squall's neck. "It is indeed a challenge. Are you up to it?"

Squall tilted his head to the side. "I am. I accept any challenge you put in front of me, pirate." He purred, pushing Balthier back against the bed.

Balthier kept his hands drapped over Squall's body. "I'm glad you do." He purred, leaning up to nip Squall's lip.

Squall purred and nipped back in return, as he let his fingers spider over Balthier's chest, down to his pants, unfastening them with ease.

Balthier lifted his hips to let Squall finish undressing him and smiled at his lover, closing his eyes at the feel of those tender fingers.

Squall pulled those pants off, as well as Balthier's underwear, kissing at the newly exposed skin, nipping every so often.

Balthier's voice let soft moans come as Squall kissed his skin, his back arching slightly at the feeling of it all.

Squall swiped his tongue over Balthier's groin once before moving to his inner thigh, kissing and biting softly.

Balthier moaned a little more, grasping a handful of Squall's hair. It wasn't often that he was able to just enjoy submitting to someone.

Squall pushed Balthier's legs further apart, lapping at every inch of skin with his tongue, blowing on the wetness.

He moaned low, arching a little more. "Squall... stop teasing." Soon enough, he'd spread his legs wide for his lover.

Squall laughed soft. "Mm not until I melt you into a puddle of goo." He purred, taking Balthier's length in his mouth.

Balthier laughed slightly but soon found himself moaning openly, his body trembling just slightly at the feel of Squall's mouth.

Squall took him in further, humming around him a little. He ran his hands over Balthier's hips, holding him in place.

His body tensed and he growled slightly, wanting to thrust into that wet heat. It was almost cruel of Squall to pin his hips.

Squall lifted his gaze to look at Balthier as he bobbed his head.

Balthier's hands gripped handfuls of Squall's hair and he panted, watching the act Squall performed on him.

Squall pulled away, licking at his lips with a purr. "So beautiful." He reached for the bottle of lube, opening it.

"Don't... talk about... yourself..." He replied, panting softly. He was so hard and aroused at Squall and his actions.

"I'm talking about you, Pirate." He murmured, pouring some of the lube into his hand, coating his fingers in the sticky cherry scented goo. He slipped his hand down, rocking a finger against Balther's entrance.

Balthier's legs spread wider and his eyes fell closed. "Nn... Squall..." He was already so ready for his lover but his mind forced him to keep that mask of confidence. For now.

Squall continued to rub and rock his finger, not entering Balthier, just teasing the skin.

"S-stop... you just keep teasing..." His body trembled and he couldn't stop himself grasping his own erection.

Squall batted Balthier's hand away. "Ah ah. No touching." He murmured, leaning in to kiss Balthier, pushing just his fingertip inside.

"Squall..." His teeth gritted and he grasped the sheets, his face tinted pink as a sheen of sweat coated his skin.

Squall pushed his finger in deeper. "Look at me." He commanded in a whisper.

Balthier moaned and lowered his gaze to look at Squall, his hand brushing the brown hair from those stormy blue eyes.

Squall fixed his gaze on Balthier as he pushed his finger deeper inside, giving a slight twist.

A gasp came out and he tensed slightly, squeezing around the finger as it brushed inside him. "Nnhh..."

"How does it feel?" Squall asked, curling his finger a little.

"Gods... it feels good..." He panted, his eyes hazy with lust.

Squall slipped a second finger inside, scissoring it with the othe rone, keeping his eyes fixed on his lover.

Balthier moaned quite sharply, gritting his teeth. "F-fuck... hurry up... damnit..."

"Ah ah! No demands." Squall purred, leaning in to kiss Balthier again as he prepared him.

Balthier bit into Squall's lip, pushing his hips at Squall's fingers, trying to get more attention on his prostate. "Mnn..."

Squall pinned Balthier's hips down once more, purposely avoiding directly stimulating his prostate. He purred against Balthier's lips, giving a sharp nip of own.

Balthier pulled out of the kiss and glared at Squall, unable to get really mad in his passion. "Bloody... stop it... fucking teasing... nghh..."

Squall simply chuckled, nudging Balthier's prostate without warning.

His body gave a jerk and he moaned involutarily. "Aaahh... shit..." Balthier trembled slightly.

"Please don't. I'm not into that kinda thing." Squall teased, nudging Balthier's prostate again.

Balthier smacked Squall around the head then laughed slightly. "Idiot..." His body gave another jerk and he moaned low.

Squall slipped a third finger in, wanting to make sure his lover was fully prepared. "Play nice or I'll leave you like this."

"I'd just masturbate..." He replied breathlessly, moaning at the third finger and really not finding it painful at all.

Squall laughed and took one of Balthier's fingers in his mouth, sucking on it as he prepared his lover.

"N-no... fuck... I'll come..." His cock twitched, seeping precum all on his own stomach. He was so damn aroused.

Squall wrapped his free hand around the base of Balthier's cock, giving a firm, but gentle squeeze. "We can't have that now, can we?" He purred, withdrawing his fingers and coating his own erection with lube.

Balthier groaned slightly, grasping at the sheets. "Nngh... Squall... hurry... please..." His voice sounded as though he was begging but he refused to say the actual words.

Squall guided his erection to Balthier's entrance, rubbing against him a few times before beginning to push in.

His body so willingly opened to the brunette and Balthier panted with soft moans as he was entered.

Squall stole a soft kiss and he thrusted all the way into that tight heat.

A groan came out as he was entered and he panted softly, leaning up for another kiss from his lover.

Squall kissed harder, pulling almost all the way out before thrusting right back in.

Balthier's hands gripped tightly to Squall's back and he lightly clawed at his skin. "Ngh... Leonhart... so good..."

"Last name terms, huh? Well then, I'll have to make your head spin so much that you cannot even remember my name." He purred, thrusting slow and deep.

"Won't happen, Squall..." He smirked, moaning as Squall moved slow and deep, forcing into his body. Balthier rolled his hips, meeting each of his lover's movements.

Squall leaned in to steal a kiss as he continued his slow deep thrusts.

Balthier body trembled and he dragged his nails down Squall's back. "Nggh... harder..." His eyes fell shut as he kissed back.

Squall let out a moan as those nails were raked over his skin. He gave a harder thrust, keeping it slow. "Like this?"

Balthier moaned lowly, gritting his teeth. "Nhh... more..." His hands moved; one went to Squall's ass, the other threaded his hair.

Squall thrusted harder and a little quicker. He dipped his head to bite and kiss at Balthier's throat.

"Aah... Squall..." His cock throbbed and he swallowed heavily, tilting his head to let Squall bite more at this neck.

Squall bit and nibbled, suckling on one spot, intent on leaving his mark. He thrusted harder and faster, his free hand snaking around Balthier's length to stroke in tme with his thrusts.

"Squall... nghh... g-going to..." His eyes closed tightly and he gritted his teeth, shaking his head a little. He was so damn close.

Squall kissed him again, thrusting against his prostate. "Open your eyes. Look at me. I want to see you." He purred, thrusting and stroking more.

Balthier managed to open his eyes, looking at Squall's with love, trust and complete intense arousal. "I... love you..." He groaned out, clenching tightly around Squall as he cried out his name, his climax hitting him hard.

The sensation of Balthier tightening around him and the way Balthier looked at him and those three words... it was too much. Squall came hard, filling his lover with his seed, crying out his name.

Balthier settled into the mattress, pulling Squall down onto him. He leaned to nip his lover's ear lightly. "Don't pull out yet."

Squall chuckled softly, his skin flushed in a post orgasmic glow. "You're stealing my tricks, hm?"

Balthier nuzzled his lover's cheek. "You just feel incredible inside me, love." He whispered, trailing his fingers down Squall's spine.

Squall gave a soft purr. "Mm. It feels amazing. I want to stay like this forever."

Balthier smiled softly, petting Squall's hair. "I love you. I never thought I'd honestly be so comfortable with someone dominating me like this."

Squall purred softly, resting his head on Balthier's chest. "Well... I wouldn't really call it dominating..."

"You wouldn't let me touch myself and you refused my 'demands'. It's a little dominating."

Squall gave a soft laugh. "Maybe. When you put it that way..."

Balthier chuckled and nipped Squall's chin. "You really will marry me, hm?"

"I said 'yes', didn't I?" Squall replied, wriggling a little.

"Mm... you can pull out if you want to." He rested his hands lightly on Squall's lower back.

"Mm. Don't want to. Ever. Staying like this always."

Balthier chuckled and kissed his neck, wrapping his arms tightly around Squall's body.

: Squall purred contently, closing his eyes, sprawled over Balthier.

"Do not even think of falling asleep still inside me, Squall." He murmured playfully, petting Squall.

"Mm. But you've worn me out, and you're petting me to sleep."

"Then pull out." He replied, squirming a little. He knew how uncomfortable it'd be to fall asleep like it.

Squall pouted a little and shifted to pull out, laying beside Balthier.

Balthier pulled Squall on top of him again, yanking the blankets up over them. "I love you. I just don't like the idea of sleeping like that..."

"It would be nice to be that close." Squall murmured, tucking his head under Balthier's chin.

"...wouldn't it be uncomfortable for you?" His head tilted. He wasn't really concerned about himself, he was worried for Squall.

"I... don't know. I've never tried it before." He purred softly, kissing Balthier's jaw, nipping lightly.

Balthier purred just the same, smiling lightly. "Do... do you want to?" His voice was soft.

"I've already pulled out now." Squall replied with another nip. "Next time, hm?"

"We could always go again." A smirk came to his lips but he was only teasing, assuming Squall was too tired.

Squall fumbled at the side of the bed for the chocolates, biting into one. "Let me gain some energy."

Balthier chuckled. "If you're too tired, do not force yourself." He ran his fingers soothingly through Squall's hair.

"Mm. But you want to. I will find energy to please you."

Balthier kissed Squall's lips and stroked his cheek. "I'm content in just laying here with you, Squall."

Squall smiled and kissed back. "Well... if your sure... a nap would be nice."

Balthier chuckled and kissed him once more. "Sleep as long as you like, Romeo. I'll be here when you wake."

Squall smiled and snuggled against Balthier, closing his eyes. "You better be."
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