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Who: Lucas and Sky
What: Sky has bad news and sex
Where: Their cell
When: Late afternoon
Rating: NC-17

He was crouched on the floor, in the middle of the cell, his journal in various parts and a small package beside him. An open envelope lay on the top of that. Refilling his journal was never fun. He had to decide what to keep and what to throw away out of all his works in the last set of paper. The envelope was bugging him, however. How many days had it said? Ah, two months on the dot. Sixty days. Sky's green eyes scanned over his work as he chewed the end of his thumb.

Lucas returned from a shower, his hair still damp and dripped down his back, wetting his t-shirt. He leaned against the cell entrance, looking at Sky for a moment before coughng a little to get the smaller male's attention. "Having fun?"

"Not particularly." His tone was full of frustration as he only lifted his gaze, not his head. He picked up yet another sketch of Lucas and tilted his head. "Not good enough." He screwed it up and tossed it in a small trash can.

Lucas frowned and moved closer to Sky, crouching down beside the bin, pulling the paper out. He opened it up and smoothed out the creases. "Why are you throwing away your drawings?"

"I cannot keep them all, Lucas. The best ones can stay; the others will need to go." He moved the letter aside and picked up the package. It was opened already; filled with journal paper. Very expensive journal paper. At that, he began to remake his journal.

Lucas frowned more. "You could stick them on the walls instead of throw them away. It seems a shame to destroy them. They're all really good." He caught sight of the envelope, reaching out to swipe it. "A love letter?"

Sky acted on instinct and his teeth were soon sunken into Lucas' hand. He paused before releasing him and crouching lower, like a puppy ready for a scolding. "S-sorry..."

Lucas winced in pain, letting go of the letter and rubbing at the teethmarks. "Geeze Sky. Sharp teeth." He frowned a little. "What is it? I'm curious now... Why bite me for looking?"

"It's... nothing. It's bad." He physically glared at the letter before moving to his journal work again. "It can go in the rubbish, too."

"It's nothing? Or it's bad? It can't be both." Lucas picked up the envelope aain. "Sky... what is it?"

Sky didn't answer. His eyes stayed fixed on his journal as he continued to piece it together. He did, however, begin biting hard into his lower lip.

Lucas reached out and cupped his hand under Sky's jaw, forcing the smaller man to look at hm. "Sky? Talk to me..."

"Nn... Sky says letter bad!" He pouted like a tiny child before jerking his head away and looking back at the journal in his fingers.

Lucas sighed, pulling his hand away. He once more picked up the envelope and pulled the letter from inside. He opened it out and began to read.

Sky placed his 'new' journal aside then began to sort through his works. His need for perfection, however, had him throwing most of it away.

Lucas chewed his lip as he read the letter. Sky had two months to appeal or he would be sentenced to death by leathal injection. The colour drained from his face slightly. "How long have you had this letter?!"

He glanced at his watch on the floor beside him. "Thirteen hours, forty seven minutes and... twenty five seconds." He replied, his tone very blank and dead.

Lucas let out a growl of annoyance. "And you didn't think to tell me about it?! Why? Why keep something this important to yourself?!"

"It's important?" His head finally lifted properly and he blinked at Lucas with wide green eyes, chewing his thumbnail as he did.

Lucas let out a soft choked noise, fist balling a little. "Of course it is!! If you don't get an appeal they are going to kill you!!"

Sky shifted slightly, going back to sorting out his works, not saying anything else. He didn't know what to say or how to say it.

Lucas threw the letter at Sky. "Sky?! Do you understand?? They are going to kill you unless you follow the instructions in this letter. It's no game!!"

"I know it's not a game!" He snapped, grabbing the letter and crushing it in his hand. "I'm not stupid!! I know it's not a game!! I know!!!"

Lucas let out a growl and grabbed Sky's wrists, holding them tight. "Then why are you ignoring it?!"

"Because it's bad and I deserve it!!" He snapped, wincing at the grips on his wrists and growling at his older lover.

Lucas kept hold of Sky, looking at him with deep, serious eyes. "Sky!! Don't you dare say that! What about me? What about your sister? We need you!!"

Sky whimpered slightly, trying to move away. "I killed lots of people. Far too many people. I deserve to be properly punished for it!" He curled up, still with his wrists in Lucas' grip, growling at him still.

Lucas released his grip, only to pull Sky into a tight hug. "Do I deserve to die then? I killed people too. I blew their brains out. Felt their blood and organs on my hands. Should I be put to death too?"

Sky shook his head, still growling and fighting against Lucas. "You didn't do it because you wanted to! Did you enjoy killing? Do you still?"

Lucas kept a firm hold of his young lover. "I did... I still do perhaps. I miss the rush of it. The buzz."

Sky flopped limp in Lucas' arms, huffing frustratedly. "...do you know what it's like to rip out someone's throat with your teeth then just walk away like it never happened?"

Lucas rose an eyebrow, but didn't loosen his grip. "I can't say that I do. I've always been a weapons man."

Sky nuzzled slightly. "I have done it countless times. I'd be used for their pleasure, I'd kill them, I'd wash up, and then I'd head back to whatever function my master was holding."

Lucas nuzzled Sky's hair with his chin. "Yeah, but that is because your master made you do those things."

Sky laughed softly, shaking his head. "They'd make me lay down for them... I killed for myself. For my own pleasure." He sighed, chewing his thumb again.

Lucas kept hold of Sky. "Even so... your masters should carry the blame, not you. I won't let you die. We'll fight this."

The teen sighed and slumped as low as physically possible in Lucas' arms. "It's better that we don't. Two months and I'll pay for what I've done. I just want you to be the one to tell Angel."

Lucas gave a growl. "Sky! Don't you dare give up!! You've come so far! You are a good person!"

"No, I'm not, Lucas. I still want to kill. I want it so bad..." He shuddered slightly, his teeth piercing the tip of his thumb.

Lucas pulled Sky's hand to his own mouth, sucking on his thumb lightly. "Then kill. There are those who deserve death far more than you do."

Sky shivered a little, pouting slightly. "...who am I supposed to kill? Would it not just make me a bad person, still? I'm Catholic. The Bible says that a sin does not forgive a sin."

Lucas sucked on Sky's thumb more, licking it. "Whoever you want. There are some real monsters in this place. It's full of scum." He kissed Sky's palm. "You could kill me?"

Sky yanked his hand away, scooting back from Lucas and pressing himself against the back wall. "Don't... say that... I can't... I've already thought..."

Lucas tilted his head. "Already thought? Thought what? About killing me? Strangling me to death perhaps?"

Sky whimpered, burying his head quickly to hide his tears. "Stop it!! You're being cruel! I'm sorry... I don't want... no!! I... nghh..."

Lucas moved to kneel in front of Sky, pulling him into a gentle hug. "Shh. Shh. Don't cry."

The teen pushed at Lucas' chest, pressing back hard against the wall. "Don't touch me! I might h-hurt you... please."

Lucas grabbed Sky's wrists once more, squuezing them firmly to cause a slight discomfort. "Shh... I won't leave you like this. Even if you break me."

Sky groaned at the pain, growling like a pup. "Let me go." He glared at Lucas, his tears forgotten for the moment.

Lucas leaned in, stealing a hard kiss. "No. My Skybug." He replied, keeping a firm hold of the boy's wrists.

Sky growled more, slipping a foot up to press it against Lucas' chest. "Let me go!" He was getting frustrated.

Lucas tightened his grip, leaning in to bite Sky's leg. "Calm down!! I don't want to hurt you!!"

He continued to growl, baring his teeth just as an animal would. "Then don't bite me! Let go!!" He began to push against Lucas' shoulder with his foot.

Lucas tightened his grip, pushing his thumbs against Sky's pulse points. "Back off!!"

A guard was making his rounds, letting out a groan of frustration at the disruption. "Ugh... this place is like a zoo..." He muttered under his breath. He banged on the cell bars with his stick. "Break it up!!"

"You're the one who needs to back off!!" Sky pulled his foot back slightly then kicked at Lucas' shoulder whilst leaning in to bite his lover's wrist. His fingers were throbbing at the pressure on those points. He didn't even pay any attention to the guard.

Lucas growled and pressed harder, once more biting hard at Sky's leg.

The guard called for back up, before starting to enter the cell. "I said break it up!!"

Sky whimpered then growled, yanking his leg back but sinking his teeth harder into Lucas' wrist. He wasn't the type to back down.

Lucas bit hard at Sky's head, growling in pain and anger. The back ups arrived and soon three or four guards were in the cell, trying to break up the fighting pair.

Sky finally gave way, yelping slightly and curling in a little ball, under the desk. A guard tried to grab for him but he just growled, snapping at his hands.

Lucas growled and stepped away, pulling his hands away as a guard tried to cuff him. "We're cool. We're calm, okay, back off!"

"You should both be sent to Solitary to cool down!"

The boy crawled out, staying low to the ground. "Let him go. We just had an argument. We do it all the time. It's nothing." He looked at the guards as cutely as possible, batting at his ear like a puppy.

The guards mumbled and muttered between themselves before giving a nod and exiting the cell. "Next time it'll be solitary for both of you. For a month!"

Lucas frowned and sat on the bed.

Sky beamed at the guards, one of them even ruffled his hair before they left but as soon as they were gone, Sky shifted to retreat back under the desk.

Lucas looked over at Sky. "Come out from under there!"

"You bit me." He muttered, hugging his knees.

Lucas frowned and laid down. "You bit me as well."

"Because you bit me." He scooted out, crawling across the floor to lean against the bottom bunk.

Lucas petted the bed beside him. "Sit with me?"

The boy climbed onto the bed and curled into the tiniest ball, not wanting to take up any room or even make contact to Lucas.

Lucas wrapped his arms around Sky and pulled him into a hug. "I'm sorry I hurt you."

Sky shook his head a little, burying his face in his arms. "It's fine." He didn't lean into Lucas' hug or even pull away.

Lucas frowned and petted Sky's head gently, trying to get the smaller boy to return the affection.

The young boy twitched slightly but just sighed. "Don't pet me." He chewed his thumbnail again, ignoring the small bruises already forming on the insides of his wrists.

Lucas sighed and snuggled against Sky, holding him close.

"You bit me." He pouted, sounding like he was actually surprised that Lucas would bite him.

Lucas couldn't help but chuckle a little. "I'm sorry." He held Sky closer to him, kissing the boy's head.

"Hmph... I'm not. I wasn't in the wrong!" He flopped on Lucas' chest, nuzzling him lovingly.

Lucas held his lover closer. "I was only trying to calm you down. You like violent sex to stop you getting violent. I thought it might work the same way."

"Well it doesn't!" He wriggled closer, moving to chew lightly and affectionately at Lucas' neck.

Lucas tensed a little, but petted Sky's hair tenderly. "I do love you, you know?"

"I know." He muttered, chewing and sucking lightly, purring as he was petted. "You have a weird taste in people."

"I know. I don't do things in any normal way." He grinned a little, pulling Sky up into a light kiss.

The young boy smiled, nipping Lucas' lower lip. His hands lightly pawed at his lover's chest.

Lucas smiled against Sky's lips. "So... the appeal..."

"Mn... forget that letter for a while." He licked lightly at Lucas' lips, pushing at his shoulder to try to get him to lay flat.

Lucas shifted to lay down, trying to hide the wince as his shoulder was pushed. "Only for a little while then..."

Sky tilted his head a little, sucking slightly at Lucas' lip. "You winced." He murmured, shifting one leg to straddle him.

"You imagined it." He purred a little, resting his hands on Sky's hips.

"Mnn... nope. You winced." He lifted his head, staring at his lover while his hands toyed with that damp hair.

Lucas spidered his fingers against Sky's sides, closing his eyes with a soft purr. "Maybe."

Sky leaned in to nip lightly at Lucas' ear. "Why?" One of his hands slid down, his fingers brushing over Lucas' nipple, through his shirt.

Lucas gave a soft gasp, squirming a little. "Because you were attacking it."

"You bit me." He murmured, purring lightly as he kissed lightly over Lucas' stubbly jaw. "You hurt my wrists, too."

Lucas took hold of Sky's wrists, pulling them to his lips, kissing them lightly. "I'm sorry."

"You've got to do a lot more to make up for it." He smirked, leaning in to lick his lover's lips again. "And if you mention that letter again in the next... hour, I'll bite you hard."

Lucas kissed him hard, parting his lips to draw Sky's tongue into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around his lover.

The boy purred, more than used to kiss now. He threaded his fingers through that damp hair and lightly grinded his hips against Lucas' body.

Lucas gave a soft moan, raising his hips slightly to grind back against him. "Mm." He purred, nipping lightly at Sky's lips.

The teen's hands tugged a little and he purred more, nipping back. "Mn... Lucas?" His fingers freed themselves from his hair and began to slink down Lucas' chest.

Lucas licked at Sky's lips. "Yes Skybug? What's wrong?" He asked, slipping his fingers under Sky's shirt.

"Nothing's wrong. I wanted to know something." He purred at the feeling of Lucas' fingers on his skin. "Do you have a lover?"

Lucas blinked and leaned up on his elbows. "What kind of question is that, Sky? You're my lover, silly."

"I meant outside. Do you have a girlfriend? Or a boyfriend? You mentioned your boss but never anyone else..." He tilted his head, his chin pressing on Lucas' chest, despite him being sat up.

Lucas shook his head. "No, you're the only one for me." He tilted his head a little. "What about you? Do you have someone else?"

Sky giggled softly. "I never had the chance." He leaned closer again, pressing his hands to the mattress. With an obvious, seductive purr, he nipped Lucas' lower lip sharply but playfully.

Lucas let out a soft moan. He grabbed hold of Sky and flipped them over, pinning his lover beneath him.

A slight squeak came out as he was flipped but he instinctly wrapped his arms and legs around Lucas. "Mm... what now?" He beamed up at him.

Lucas rolled his hips, grinding firmly against Sky. He chuckled, voice laced with lust. "We'll see."

The boy unabashedly let out quite a loud moan. "Hnn... will we?" He giggled soft, tugging his own t-shirt off and tossing it aside.

Lucas instantly attacked those newly exposed nipples, taking one into his mouth while his fingers teased the other.

"Aaa-ah... nngh... you have no sense of warning." He laughed through his moans, petting Lucas' hair. "Mn... you've just showered. Won't it be aa-ah... a bother to get dirty again?"

Lucas chuckled again, rolling his hips. "You'll just have to lick me clean." He teased, tugging lightly at a nipple with his teeth.

"Nghh-ah... I will if you want me to, baby." He purred, openly using a pet name, something far more human than he'd normally do.

The boy unabashedly let out quite a loud moan. "Hnn... will we?" He giggled soft, tugging his own t-shirt off and tossing it aside.

Lucas instantly attacked those newly exposed nipples, taking one into his mouth while his fingers teased the other.

"Aaa-ah... nngh... you have no sense of warning." He laughed through his moans, petting Lucas' hair. "Mn... you've just showered. Won't it be aa-ah... a bother to get dirty again?"

Lucas chuckled again, rolling his hips. "You'll just have to lick me clean." He teased, tugging lightly at a nipple with his teeth.

"Nghh-ah... I will if you want me to, baby." He purred, openly using a pet name, something far more human than he'd normally do.

Lucas flushed a little, not used to seeing Sky so... normal. So human. He leaned in kissing Sky firm on the lips once again, ingoring his nipples now.

The boy made a soft noise, stroking Lucas' hair before lightly tugging at it. "Mn..." He pulled from the kiss and looked at the older man's face with a cute grin.

Lucas rested his weight on his elbows, looking down at Sky. "What? That grin usually means trouble..."

Sky gasped dramatically and pouted just as adorably. "You've no faith in me. I could just be happy." He giggled then leaned in to bite lightly at the larger man's neck.

Lucas chuckled soft, rolling his hips once, letting out a purr. "If you say so."

The young teen gasped in a different way this time, arching his thin body and blushing at the feeling.

"Too many clothes on you." Lucas murmured. Despite the fact Sky's shirt had already been discarded.

Sky laughed softly, tugging at Lucas' shirt. "There're more clothes on you." He replied, smiling.

Lucas leant up, pulling his shirt off, tossing it aside. "Now we're even."

"Mmhm. Even." He leaned in then, kissing and licking at the older man's chest, biting his nipple lightly.

Lucas shivered a little. "Ah, is this payback?" He ran his hands over Sky's torso lightly, nudging his knee against the other's groin.

"Ahh... payback for what?" He tilted his head up, looking at Lucas. His fingers continued teasing those nipples, though.

Lucas squirmed a little. "For me attacking your nipples?" He leaned in, capturing Sky's lips in a heated kiss.

"Mayb-- mnph..." He began, being cut off by Lucas' lips. His hands moved, his arms wrapping around the back of his lover's neck.

Lucas slipped a hand between Sky's legs, letting it replace his knee, groping the smaller male lightly.

"Mnn-ahh..." He broke the kiss, panting softly. "Ngh... my trousers... off..." He squirmed a little, trying to get to his zipper.

Lucas trailed kisses along Sky's jaw, carefully unzipping him, before tugging those pants to his hips.

The boy arched to let his pants be lowered, shaking his head slightly to move his hair from his eyes. "I... hn... I want you, Lucas." He purred.

Lucas pulled those pants off and tossed them aside. He laughed softly. "We're getting to that part."

"Not fast enough." He joked, lightly dragging his nails down his lover's back. "Hn... say something. I love your voice."

Lucas let out a soft mewl. "Ngh~ What do you want me to say? I could tell you how beautiful you are and how much I love you." He cooed, groping Sky once more.

The boy panted, moaning at the hands on him. "A-anything... your voice is such a turn on." He grinned with a lusty gaze, looking at Lucas.

Lucas chuckled again, leaning in to whisper sweet nothings against Sky's ear, nibbling lightly on the lobe.

"Aaah..." His slender body shuddered and one of his hands slipped down, unfastening Lucas' pants before sneaking inside to wrap around his length.

Lucas let out a sharp gasp, thrusting into Sky's hand. "Ngh~ wicked hands."

"Mmhm... I am entirely wicked, Lucas." He leaned in to kiss his lips lightly, his hand stroking so lightly and teasingly.

Lucas returned the kiss, wrapping his hand around Sky to mimic the actions.

Sky moaned quietly, panting and moving his hips slightly, enjoying the feeling of Lucas' hand on his body.

Lucas pulled away, shifting to climb off the bed.

"Nn... wait! Where are you going?" He sat up, tugging up his pants and shifting to make a follow.

Lucas chuckled and moved to the locker. "Getting lube. Unless you've changed your mind?"

"Ah... oh..." He laughed a little and flopped down on the bed again, laying on his side and watching Lucas.

Lucas returned the the bed, stripping completely on his way back. He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned in to steal another kiss.

The boy purred into the kiss, his fingers trailing over Lucas' inner thigh while his free hand pushed his own pants and underwear off.

Lucas opened the lube, gently pinning Sky back against the bed, leaning in to nip at lick at his neck.

"Heh..." He chuckled softly, tilting his head to give better access. He spread himself across the bed a little, blushing softly.

Lucas poured some of the lube onto his hand, slipping it between Sky's legs.

The sensation made him shudder. "Cold..." He giggled soft, his legs wriggling a little.

Lucas chuckled soft and teased a finger against Sky's entrance. "Sorry. I didn't let it warm up."

He shivered a little more, panting softly. "Nn... it's okay. Aah..." He slipped both of his hands under his own head, under the pillow. His fingers were twitching.

Lucas dipped his head, giving a firm nip on Sky's collar bone as he pushed his finger inside his young lover.

"Ah!" He gasped, arching slightly. "Nn... your finger..." He purred, spreading his legs just a little more. He pushed against it.

"Does it hurt?" He purred, curling it slightly.

"Not nearly enough." He murmured, his eyes cracking open slightly. "Feels good." He smiled soft at him.

Lucas gave his collar bone another nip as he pushed a second finger in, scissoring his digits slowly.

"Aah... Lucas..." Sky bit into his lower lip, arching his back a little more and curling his toes, panting and writhing at the pleasure.

"How's it feel?" He murmured against Sky's skin, licking and biting him as he twisted his fingers, seeking out Sky's prostate.

"Good... Nghh-aah!! God... there..." He moaned out, tensing and getting louder as his prostate was touched. He always seemed to find it so easily...

Lucas chuckled and teased that sweet spot with his fingers. He smothered Sky's lips with his own to mufle the sounds.

"Mnph..." He bit lightly at Lucas' lower lip, licking a moment after. His body shuddered each time those fingers touched that place, moans melting on Lucas' lips.

Lucas withdrew his fingers after a couple more minutes of teasing. "Are you ready for me?"

"More than ready..." He murmured, his eyes lusty and his voice barely a whisper through his soft panting.

Lucas gave a nod, taking the lube to cover his own length before shifting, guiding it to Sky's entrance to push in slowly.

The boy moaned openly, relaxed and willing, panting lightly as he was entered. "Nn... pin my hands..." He could feel them tensing under the pillow.

Lucas ran his hands along the length of Sky's arms, curling his fingers around the already bruised wrists lightly. He purred soft, giving a light thrust.

"Ah... good..." His eyes fluttered shut and he purred quietly, rolling his hips to coax more movement from his older lover.

Lucas pulled almost entirely out, before thrusting right back in deep. He dipped his head to bite at Sky's neck.

"Oh... god..." His hands curled tightly into fists and he wrapped his legs around Lucas' waist, rocking his hips to meet the thrusting.

Lucas increased the pace of his thrusts, biting at Sky's neck with each one.

"Oh god... it's so good... you feel so right..." His murmurs came out in French and he moved his body to add to the friction.

Lucas gave him another bite. "Mm. French again." He mused, licking and biting as he thrust harder into his small lover.

"Fuck! Ahh... I c-can't help it... Oh, holy Jesus, that's amazing!" He shuddered under each attack, his cock leaking on his stomach.

Lucas shifted his hands, taking hold of both of Sky's wrists with one hand, freeing hisother one to take hold of Sky's length. He stroked in time with his thrusts, growling in pleasure. "So good."

Sky nodded slightly, barely even breathing through his sounds. "Lucas... aah... Oh god~" He arched up, trying to tug his arms free now.

Lucas released his grip of Sky's wrists slowly, thrusting harder into him. He bit at his skin, moaning against him.

Sky's eyes flicked open for a moment. He slipped his hands free and they moved for his lover's throat but he managed to keep control, moving them to claw at his back instead.

Lucas shifted his position slightly, striking Sky's prostate with his thrusts. "Ngh~ Sky! Close..."

The boy nodded and began kissing at Lucas' neck. "M-me too..." His slender body trembled and seconds later his teeth were sunken into Lucas' neck, a low growl coming out before a moan of ecstasy at his climax.

Lucas let out a cry of pain and pleasure, thrusting hard and deep into his lover as his own orgasm hit, flooding the younger man with his seed.

Sky sank down into the mattress, opening his eyes slightly at the taste of blood in his mouth. When he saw Lucas' neck, he tensed. "No... I... I'm sorry..."

Lucas ran a hand over his neck, coating his fingertips in blood. It was a little sore now the orgasm was over. He was still panting hard, flushed bright. "It's okay."

"It's not... I could've killed you..." He frowned, still breathless and shivering a little. "Don't let go if I fight against your hands, next time. I'm still... not good..."

Lucas pulled out and shifted to lay beside Sky. "You're much better than you were. I'm proud of you." He smiled, running his fingers over the bite marks on Sky's neck. "Besides, I bit you too... Maybe not as hard, but I still bit."

The boy curled closer to Lucas, nuzzling lightly where he'd bitten, licking away the blood. "I'm still sorry... I shouldn't still be doing this... you've been teaching me not to."

Lucas held him, rubbing his back soothingly. "Shh. It's fine. You're a good boy, Sky."

"...not according to that letter." He curled his leg over Lucas', pulling the blanket over them both.

Lucas held his lover close. "We'll fix it. I promise. I won't let you die."

"I... I don't want to die." He murmured, burying his face in Lucas' neck. "I'm scared, Lucas. What am I supposed to appeal on?"

"We'll think of something... I'll find a reason. Trust me." He sighed and held Sky closer.

"I do... but there is nothing I could appeal on. I was fully aware of what I was doing each time..." He nuzzled into Lucas, petting his hair. "They're gonna kill me, Lucas."

Lucas frowned. "They won't. Give me a few days to think. I'll fix it."

Sky nuzzled Lucas more, scrunching his nose. "You promise?" He blinked up at him innocently.

Lucas gave that nose a soft poke. "I promise."
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