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Who:  Larsa, Issack
What:  Infirmary fun?
Where: Infirmary
When: After the Issack Balthier fight
Warnings:  None.

It was a strangly quiet day for the infirmary, most doctors just sitting about and taking care of small things, that was until a guard came he carefully, opening the door with his foot and carrying a small inmate in his arms. The boy was unconcious, and his clothes covered in blood. "I found him in the Laundry room."

Isaack looked up, eyes widening. "Larsa?" he blinked, pure rage filling him. Oh yes, those fuckers would pay. With their lives.

Larsa shifted slightly when they carefully removed his clothes, his slim frame shaking as they examined the damage done. "Damn...Someone really got mad at this boy."

Isaack let out a low growl as much as he could with a broken jaw. His eyes where flaring.

One of the doctors moved over to Issack then, frowning. "Calm, He's not dead."

"No.. but the people who did it to him will be.:" he hissed.

"And so will you, you're far to close to the death penalty." He man replied easily, moving back to Larsa.

Isaack grunted, glancing over at Larsa. "Put him by me. Ill look after him."

"No one can get to him in here." The doctor said softly, but moved the small teen over one anyway.

Isaack could not move much, but he did not let the other out of his sight. He did not care what Balthier said about his motives. he had said he would protect the little one, and Isaack did not break promises.

He wrapped him carefully then, a nurse commenting on how one of his ribs had been broken before and looked like it was healing fine, but also that there were a few more broken ribs now. They cleaned his scratched and cuts, bracing his sprained wrist carefully as well before giving him a large dose of pain killers.

Isaack lay there watching him for a long time, waiting for him to wake.

Larsa jerked awake, shaking horribly and trying to figure out exactly what happened to him, just whimpering quietly. He couldn't feel it, but he couldn't really move either.

"Larsa, Calm down, you are safe." The deep voice with the romanian dialect sounded from the wounded man beside larsa.

Larsa kept his eyes closed, breathing shallowly and tying his best to keep himself calm. "I..Issack.."

"Im here. Im sorry I was not able to help you. I was in here."

"It's alright...I'll heal." The small teen smiled lightly, turning his head to actually look at the romanian man.

There where a wire on his jaw, his face swollen purple and black, His chest was covered in bandages, his arm in a cast.

"You and Balthier...Actually fought then..."

"Oh yeah. Balthier did not really listen when I tried to tell him that I was just going to help you with the bad memories. In his mind I was just coaxing you into becoming a fuck toy. " he looked away. "He broke my ribs, ruptured my spleen, fractured my jaw and popped my right eardrum." he was talking with very little jaw movement.

"I'm sorry Issack..." He says this quietly, shivering a little and looking away.

"Nah, Its okay. He never listens to things I say so. " He sighed. "he had already made up his mind about my intentions when he stepped in, so no trying to explain would change that."

"I'm still sorry...that you got hurt though."

"Nah, Ill be fine" he smiled slightly, not because he did not smile wider, but his jaw hurt then. "I did Balthier in pretty bad to."

Larsa whimpered softly then, worried for the other man as well.

"He is fine. he is better condition them I am."

He nods slightly, absentmindedly lifting his hand to rub at his eyes, nearly shouting when he pushed a broken rib lightly against his lung.

"Larsa, stay still! You have broken ribs!"

Larsa's arm went back to his side slowly, his eyes watering horribly now as he held his breath.

"You need to breathe, but just do it slowly instead. Okay? Broken ribs hurt, but you'll going to be fine." The Romanian accent was heavy, but his voice was low and calming.

He did as he was told, breathing shallowly and keeping himself still as a nurse came over and put a few more drugs into his IV.

"Well.. you are in here now. look at the bright side. No one is going to molest you while I’m around."

He smiles slightly then as another doctor came over to listen to his breathing, feeling for the breaks as well, trying to find if they risked puncturing his lungs.

Isaack kept his glare steady on the doctor, pretty happy that Muraki was not there at the moment.

The man was careful with the small boy, wrapping him up a little bit tighter than before, keeping him still

Isaack growled low. "you better be careful."

Carefully he bound the boys arms to the bed then, just to be sure that he wouldn't hurt himself anymore.

Isaack frowned. "Whatthehell?!"

"He could puncture a lung if he keeps moving." He saus softly, touching Larsa's forhead.

"Even so, tying him down will not make it easier. " he growled. "I have five broken ribs in the chest too, tyou gonna try tying me down?" his intence blue eyes burned.

"Even so, tying him down will not make it easier. " he growled. "I have five broken ribs in the chest too, you gonna try tying me down?" his intense blue eyes burned.

"So do I" he growled more, trying to sit up, but hissed in pain.

"Issack stop it.." Larsa mumbled softly, smiling to the older man. "It's okay..."

Isaack grunted, looking away. He seriously just wanted to kill something. Blood would feel so nice on his hands right now

Larsa yawned softly then, rubbing his eyes on his shoulder

"You should Sleep larsa. its better for you."

"But I...just woke up Issack”

"Yeah, body needs time to heal, and you need to relax."

He makes a few soft sounds as he shifted a little to get comfortable, biting his lower lip. "I...I guess...


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